December Finale 2020, Day Ten: As Mars begins to close in, Texas looms large.

All eyes are on Texas now, in its bid against four states which went against the U.S. Constitution in this electiongate drama. At last count, 18 states have joined Texas. Because it’s a state v. state issue, the suit goes directly to the Supreme Court. If it decides against the suit, then what? Using some kind of lawfare technicality, the SC could tell us that our Constitution simply does not matter. Will it? Some think so.

In any case, we reach the beginning of the “end of the week.” See my post on the astrology of the finale: December/January. Watch cascading events as Mars ramps up its pressing climactic square to this year’s turbulent, exhausting Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto undermining of all human made forms, both visible and invisible, And note, there is a 5D chess master at the helm, who appears to play the long game.

So here we are, observing both the Wizard of Oz and the illusion he is projecting. Our awareness needs to be beyond both, if we are to remain sane, centered, and effective.

What is your role in this grand drama? What is your skill set? What drives you? Do that. All of us are needed now.

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