December Finale 2020 Day Nine, Interruptus: Monoliths, #Galactic Federation, Israeli whistleblower . . .

Okay, so who’s the joker who decided to distract us from our fearful shuffling Mask Muffled Electiongate 2020 by forcing us to expand our perspective, if but for a moment? Whoever it was, and whatever the motivation — art installation plus copycats? clever marketing ploy? (see this and this) — I for one am grateful for humanity’s sudden, if momentary relief, from our current obsessive fixation. Because, no matter what the “explanation” for the sudden appearance of gleaming, but stainless steel riveted (and so, we say, obviously manmade) monoliths in high or remote places all over the earth, let’s face it, they do remind us of 2001: A Space Odyssey. And the black monoliths there were signals to humanity that it must evolve.

The same can be said of the Twin Tower monoliths.

JFK’s assasination, in full public view, amplified 38 years (and one/half of a volatile Uranus cycle) later by the sudden drop into dust of both Towers, one after another, one hour apart, have left us even now, dazed and confused. MK Ultra-ed. Mind controlled. Whatever the PTB wanted, they got. Until now, Until Electiongate 2020.

So, are we evolving? Is the giant, and ever expanding sting op that seems to be occurring, involving not just the revealing of historically more and more corrupt (s)elections, but of deep swamp creatures and institutions in law, politics, business, entertainment, medicine, and so on, world-wide, doing its job? Is it waking us up? Are we beginning to pull apart the matrix, popping into the Great Awakening, unleashing clear 20-20 vision at the tail end of 2020?

On a “divine choreography” level, this may be the reason for the sudden appearance of the monoliths. They tear us away from our obsessive nose-to -the-grindstone ravenous hunger for new daily, hourly details pouring out about the election of the century, or wider, the grand election of the climax of present-day civilization! Because even a deeply historical enlargement of perspective on this over-the-top fraudulent election doesn’t really do the trick. Something else is needed. Something vastly larger, indeed, universal, even infinite, and at least, multidimensional and mysterious. Because, then, once we do snap into an infinitely expanding  framework for viewing and interpreting our current problem of “who really won the election?”, that problem will dissolve into the void of our ever-vaster unknowing.

Just remember:

Reader Sylvia, over in Holland, sent me this photo, which prompted me to do this post on the phenomenon.

Then there’s the recent (related?) news, a version of which was sent to me by old friend Julia, which also went viral, of the Israeli general who spoke of aliens among us and Mars. Of course, “they” call him crazy. He well knows that. And he doesn’t care.

Aliens in hiding until mankind is ready, says ex-Israeli space head


So. Yep! For awhile there #GalaticFederation was trending on twitter.

Trumps establishment of the Space Force in December 2019 suddenly snaps into focus in a different manner. Plus, I can recall him saying, at some point, though I can’t find it now, that he wanted to bring our troops home because “they’re needed elsewhere.” Just that. Just that cryptic remark.

I do wonder if acknowledging the existence of ET and their interaction with us is one of the final cards he will play during this electiongate 2020 drama. That, plus JFK Jr. Frankly, I think it’s a toss-up as to which would be considered more astonishing. And, it may be that either of them would bring about the unity that Reagan first spoke of in a speech to the UN in 1987:


In 1986, Reagan had already met with Gorbachev, and started to put an end to the Cold War

So here we are 34 years later, and the Cold War between the polarized political factions in the U.S. threatens at any minute to turn hot, thanks to Soros indoctrinated Antifa and BLM goons and their puppet-masters. As volatile Mars begins to close in on its square to this year’s rare and historic Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto, it appears that the U.S. military is gearing up for . . . whatever! Lin Wood clearly “gets it.”

What is a color revolution? And why does it matter, NOW?

But, yep! The presence of other civilizations among us still has way too many people tittering. They simply can’t open their minds enough to accept it as more than science fiction! It’s so way beyond their usual perspective, and they want to keep their minds closed, cemented in, by whatever conceptual helmut they labor inside of.

Oh yeah?





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