December Finale 2020, Day Eight: Does Trump play the Long Game?

I’m discovering more and more threads that show what might be the Long Game Trump and the Patriots have been playing. For example this: why Trump has left corrupt heads of departments in for so long:


And this: “Military planning at its finest.” Do read the entire thread (nine items altogether). ┬áMakes enormous sense to me.


Thomas Wictor, who was, unfortunately, kicked off twitter some time ago, has this to say about the piece I included in my post yesterday, another “Military planning at its finest” (which, as I recall, is a Q quote) theory of what is REALLY going on.


More and more is coming out about China and the Deep State. And of course, there’s lots of wondering about just which politicians and other power brokers, and how many, have been corrupted by bribes, blackmail, and business deals.


Remember my post Fraud Vitiates Everything??!

Here’s Joe M, another savant back on twitter under a new moniker.

P.S. Psychic Utsava has been saying, since September, that the cabal will be dead by the end of December. If so, the timing of whatever the Long Game being played, is both nail-biting and exquisite.

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