December Finale 2020, Day Seven: Too much close analysis; need to rear back! Initial efforts to do so.

I had thought I would post each day on the currents of Electiongate 2020 which feel most conpelling to me during this December finale. But then I realized I needed to break from the hubbub, and leave the madding crowd that has riveted everyone in the habit of “paying attention to the news,” no matter what one’s political affiliation. Or even one’s citizenship! It’s not just Americans who are on pins and needles about the future. It’s all of humanity. For as America goes, so goes the world.

And no wonder. Not since 911, and before that, not since the JFK assasination, has the whole human population focused on events in the U.S.A. with such fervor. And this edge moment in the year-long Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn fear-mongering lockdown finale does feel like not just a deathing, but from this deathing, also a birthing moment. And we squalling humans are the baby, still stuck inside the womb, feeling the forces of Mother Nature’s tremendous creative energy squeezing our body harder and harder, stronger and stronger, until we, inevitably, will pop out, likely into blinding artificial light. The false light of the mesmerism we are used to, playing with our fingers and left brains with screens, screens upon screens, within screens. WHAT IS REAL?

Forgive my rant. But I know, with every fiber in me, what everyone knows. That this edge moment from 2020 to 2021 is to be, somehow, a civilizational break. That the past is done, and the future awaits. What future? What does the Aquarian Age really signify?

I happened upon an amazing essay by the American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson this morning. And it really struck me for its relevance to our current bursting pregnancy.


Three Excerpts:

If this cultural birth is to be a memorable one, then out of our polarized opinions and actions, we will have to cultivate “a still higher vision.”


Okay. A bit more: Re Electiongate 2020, Here’s a remarkable essay that reveals a certain manner of going about a complex analysis of the author’s version of the main current, with side currents flowing from and into it.

In Trump’s Campaign to Save the Republic, We Haven’t Seen the Key Supporting Evidence Yet

The stated purpose of this website interests me.

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that, given the planet Pluto’s first return to its natal place in the U.S. chart, I am highly aware of the fact that the U.S. Constitution is under fire like never before. That this foundation stone of our Republic may not be long for this world. And if it goes, so does the U.S. of A.

Yesterday, I decided to get up to speed on the Constitution, because of course, I never took a single class on it, in all my years in school. Not in high school, not in college, not in graduate school. It’s just one of those things one takes for granted! I found one course, CONSTITUTION 101, by Hillsdale College, an unusual college which has not been infected by leftist indoctrination. 12 lectures, each about 30 minutes. FREE.

Want to join me?

P.S. MSM sources say AG Barr is about to resign. Looks like he’s being pushed out, and allowed to keep his dignity, at least for now.





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