Astrology of the December Finale 2020 and on through January 2021

At this point, I notice that many many people are aware of the coming Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, Winter Solstice, when the two planets meet for the first time in 20 years, and this time, in the same declination, which means: neither of them will be north or south of the other (analogous to  latitude) and both of them will be in the same place, west to east (analogous to longitude). This means that  the two will look just about FUSED in the sky. That their conjunction will appear as near-fusion is something, which, amazingly enough, has not occurred for 800 years.

The awareness of this conjunction is reaching such a fever pitch that mass meditations are planned around the globe to celebrate this intense conjunction on the holiest day of the year. What a wonderful way to engage the ongoing Neptune in Pisces energy! Much better than the usual weirdness, glamor, deception and addiction, all hallmarks of unevolved Neptune influence.

Even more fascinating to me: This Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will occur at 0°29 Aquarius, and inaugurate a series of four conjunctions between these planets that will take place every 20 years, through 2080, all in the mental sign of AIR.

Jupiter: expansion, generosity, fortune, cultural values, philosophy, religion, perspective, world-view.

Saturn: contraction, discipline, form, structure, goals, methods, organization, institutions, laws, by-laws.

Jupiter/Saturn near-fusion: what are the structures that embody Jupiterian values, and do we want to reshape structures to adapt to changing values, and/or return to the values originally embodied in the structures that were originally formed to embody those values. 

For example, politically and geopolitically: it’s becoming very obvious that the Constitution of the United State is now up for grabs. Do we want to return to the values embedded within that document as envisaged by the original signatories? And if we don’t, will the United States as a nation survive? The choice is stark, and it is real.

All this year, the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunction in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn has been synchronized with what is, at this point, extremely palpable apparent destruction, or at least attempted total undermining of — thanks to the impeachment farce, Covid scamdemic, riots, and now Electiongate — all sorts of social, political, and cultural institutions that we previously took for granted.

That the Constitution of the United States and its dedication to the Rule of Law, is now under tremendous stress is not surprising, given that Pluto, with a cycle of 248 years, is just now returning to its natal degree of 27° Capricorn in the U.S.A. chart for the very first time. This First Return of Pluto to its natal place ensures the power of destruction, the purgation of all the gunk from below, in preparation for possible rebirth of a purified and and — tbanks to conscious contemplation of an entire cycle, much wiser, in the use of Plutonian power — version of the original.

Over the next few years Pluto’s Return will synchronize with and symbolize whatever goes on down here below.

Back to Jupiter and Saturn, which, remember, are just about to leave Capricorn, where they have hunkered with Pluto all year, for Aquarius. Capricorn typifies top-down hierarchical structures: the One controls the Many. Aquarius prefers horizontal, cooperative networks among equals: the Many, linking hands, as One. We will begin to discover just how this will manifest with their changeover on the holiest day of the year, Winter Solstice, when the Sun stills to a stop, and then begins to head up in the sky once again, increasing daylight after the long annual trip down into the deep dark.

Okay, now hold on to your hats, because it’s time to discuss the run-up to this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. By run-up, I mean warrior Mars, currently at 18°22 of independent Aries, is just beginning to again square (90°) the corrupted traditions and structures of the stodgy Capricorn trifecta which, all year long, have been in a struggle for survival. Over the next two weeks, this frictional square will become more and more intense. Mars happens to work pre-emptively, usually reaching peak effect before the aspect becomes exact. I’d say watch for Mars fire, fury, courage, impulse, action of all kinds, ramping up drastically when Mars reaches 20°, that’s five or six days from now.

Here are their positions as of today, December 6th.


Mars will begin by squaring Pluto, by far its strongest opponent, but which, however, typically operates surreptitiously. This square aspect from Mars to Pluto itself, exhibited by the national and international power struggle between Mars in fiery independent Aries and Pluto in traditional Capricorn, will be felt most intensely from the end of this week through the end of December.

On January 7, Mars will move into steady, earthy Taurus, a sign that promises to damp down any remaining fiery energy, and, then, immediately begin to square Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, a process ongoing through the end of January. However, there’s a further twist: and that’s Uranus, also in Taurus, which will turn to go direct on January 14 at 6°43.

On January 20th, Inauguration day, Mars and Taurus, conjunct, will both square Jupiter, with Saturn not far behind. Since Jupiter is involved, I expect the realm of values, perspective, philosophy, to be very much in the air. And remember, Jupiter also exhibits good fortune, expansion, fullness. And, with the Mars/Uranus conjunction in Taurus, I sense an enormous breakdown/breakthrough into a completely new era.

Mars will finally leave the Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus arena of conflict by the end of January.

More on all this later.

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