ARKCroneCast Offerings for December 6, 2020: Video, Community Life, New College, 1972-73; Audio: Doing the Dishes, part 4, the 1970s

This week’s video for Patreon subscribers:

CroneCast #51 || Communities I Have Lived In, Part 4: New College of California, 1972-73

Description: New College was the place where I first encountered the phenomenon of “community,” as it relates to and opposes “individuality.”  This polarity, like all others, needs to be embraced and worked with as a dynamic process, lest it lapse too much into one side (commune, cult, guru or state control) or the other (anarchy, to the point of chaos).

This is the rollicking story of how I first came into my own as a teacher (and the only time in my life I was salaried!) but absolutely FULL of ego, at New College of California, which ran from 1971 until early 2008. I was there during its second year, and the struggle between my ego (which garnered half the school’s loyalty) and another teacher’s ego (dramatized through our diametrically opposed philosophies of education), and which culminated in my being fired ignominiously, was perhaps the greatest lesson of my life.

But how does this relate to my focus on “community”? Watch this to find out.



This week’s second installment of audiobook chapters is now free on Patreon and for Youtube subscribers:

CroneCast #48 || Doing The Dishes: Chapters 7 thru 14 || The 1970s

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