Finale, Day 2, December 2020 : Whistleblowers, Simon Parkes, AG Barr, Project Veritas

Whistleblowers: Remember when the word “whistleblower” was new? Well, not new; the word has actually been around since the 19th century. But it used to be that heroic whistleblowers were celebrated only in fiction, or maybe in documentaries:

But now, geez! Not sure when it started, maybe with Snowden? Though we still don’t know whether he’s a white hat or black hat. . . But in any case, it used to be that we’d hear about brave whistleblowers one at a time, over a period of years. Then months! Then quickening to weeks, then days?! And now hours? Minutes! Thanks, especially, to all the deplorables  stepping up to the plate at this week’s marathon election hearings in all the swing states to say I was there when this happened; I wasn’t allowed to see this; I saw this; I drove the truck that did this? etc. etc. Amazing. We really are the news now.

Simon Parkes: this very interesting Britisher (I’ve been aware of him for years and tend to trust him as at least telling his truth, no bullshit; not a deceiver; and possibly deeply read-in) seems to have blown the German server story out of the water, where the details had been obscured. Is he correct? It’s one hell of a tale, especially in reference to (now ex-?) CIA director Gina Haskell’s presence, and what happened next.

Bill Barr: I confess: hearing about Bill Barr’s remarks to the AP yesterday, whatever it means, had me heartsick.

Again. Luckily, it was not the first time. The first time was when psychic Utsava said (was it a month ago?) that Barr would be fired, indicted, and I think she said, go to jail, for bribery! That though it was well known that he was part of the deep state bureaucracy, and so likely corrupt, Trump gave him a chance to redeem his life by making him the new AG. But, she predicted, Barr will betray Trump, and prove himself not to be trusted.

Or, another possibility, as my left brain works overtime: did Trump ask him to come out of retirement and become the new AG precisely to trap him into proving that he was untrustworthy? I wouldn’t put it past Trump to do this.

If you recall, Barr was AG before, during the G.W.Bush administration, 1991-1993. Lots of people didn’t trust him, just because of his deep state history. I, however, was one of those who loved his bagpipe playing, and got off on his slow, laconic grin while shrugging his shoulders insouciantly as he sipped water during his confirmation hearing. I figured he had probably come to his senses at some point, and wanted to redeem himself.

On the other hand, it’s hard to know what his apparent statement during an AP interview that a Justice Department investigation had found no evidence so far of widespread fraud, thus seeming to cut the legs out from under the Trump Team’s efforts to wake up the American people to the massive corruption revealed by Electiongate 2020. Or was he? What about the “so far” remark? Was this just a tease? And, it was durned interesting that Barr went into the White House to meet with Trump yesterday afternoon, and didn’t re-emerge for what was it, three hours? I’d love to have been a fly on the wall during that meeting. Was this seeming-riff distraction cooked up by the two of them to make the deep state think that they will get their way with the Biden “president-elect” illusion? I admit, until I heard that remark from Utsava, I would have assumed yes, so much did I think I was feeling/intuiting that the two men were on the same page. But nope! Didn’t think that this time. Instead post-Utsava, I saw him as some kind of treasonous traitor, immediately. Not because I prefer to trust Utsava, but because I’m familiar with her record of being correct about seemingly outrageous predictions years in advance. And this was one of them, I assumed. Though it shook me at the time, it didn’t take me long to begin to see Barr very differently.

And, because she predicted that, and his remarks yesterday, I looked back on Bill Barr’s speech, “The Constitution and the Rule of Law,” and began to see it anew . . . yet again . . . Note, in this year-old post, how I point to the alt-epistemological stance I always try (and often fail) to maintain. With Barr, I was honestly “in love with” who I thought he was, and so had lost my detachment, until Utsava seemed to slap some sense in me.

Here’s that old post:

Barr raises the Bar in speech to Federalist Society

In that speech, he talked about the Constitution being necessary, given that when left to fend for themselves, humans quickly turn on each other. In other words, Barr thinks like Hobbes did, that man’s natural tendency to prey on each other needs to be curbed by “The Rule of Law.”

I remember at the time I realized that I personally, do not think this about human nature; in fact, I feel that, unless we are traumatized early on, and conditioned into fear, we arrive on this earth innocent, and likely to appreciate, even love each other, no matter how singular our differences.

But that’s the optimistic Sagittarian talking . . .

And yet, more and more, I realize that most people are traumatized early on, and so, unless, as adults, they consciously work to heal their inner child wounds, they become  sitting ducks, easily manipulated into F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) by the dominant indoctrination agenda. This recognition has been driven into me in spades with the still spreading and frankly, deepening, Covid psy-op.

Now I look back on Barr’s speech and I wonder, hmmm . . . was Barr talking about himself? is  this seemingly mild-mannered, serene soul actually “raw in tooth and claw”?

Which made me think . . . hmmm . . . is the apparent betrayal surfacing now the reason why we’ve heard nothing from either Barr or, it appears, Durham (appointed by Barr) during these whole two years, despite our eager expectations that they would produce results? That arrests would be made? That justice would be done?

Hmmm . . . was this remark of his yesterday timed to undermine Trump during the Trump Legal Team’s snowballing efforts to prove that he actually won the election in a landslide? Because, it may be that Barr had been expecting, with his appointment as AG, to be able to use that position to run out the clock until the Demoncrats could get back into power at the 2020 elections — at which point the unsavory Spygate drama would just go bye-bye?

What about his remark, “Spying did occur .  . .” remember that? Remember the hopes we pinned on that?

Who IS this man?

Oh, and one more thing: I saw somewhere (where?) that in October, without fanfare, Barr appointed Durham as a “special counsel” to investigate the roots of some corruption or other, but that its real significance is that this appointment makes Barr more difficult for Trump to fire. True?

I do feel for Trump. If Barr truly is just another treasonous deep state traitor, and Trump does manage to fire him, of course it will be painted by the MSM to look like a “typical” dictatorial move. Speaking of which:

Project Veritas: Wow. James O’Keefe has done it again. This time getting in surreptitiously on morning zoom calls with Jeff Zucker and CNN staffers as they discuss how to direct the news to conform to the storyline they have in mind. BINGO!

O’Keefe Dials in to CNN Conference Call with Senior Leadership, Tells Jeff Zucker He Will Release Tapes of Editorial Calls Tonight – Zucker Panics and Hangs Up! (VIDEO)

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2 Responses to Finale, Day 2, December 2020 : Whistleblowers, Simon Parkes, AG Barr, Project Veritas

  1. rose day says:

    Ann, info (new . . . not yet totally vetted)suggests that both the AP statement and Barr’s statement regarding election fraud may have been somewhat incorrectly reported by MSM.


    1. Is is conceivable that contested states’ officials ran with MSM info without first establishing verification and assuming that with Bill Barr ‘in their corner’ it was therefore safe to certify contested election results which in some cases still remain under federal investigation?

    2. Should the aforementioned be the case, is it actually possible that running with unverified MSM information is a viable defense in a TRUE Court of Law?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Odd. I just now saw this comment. Not sure if it just now got up or if you had it there and I didn’t see? In any case, you’re more of a 5D chess master than I, given what you think might have happened, and why. . .

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