Day One, December 2020 Finale: More on ongoing infowar that promotes/silences/counters the ongoing coup

And, as more and more of us are learning, this not-so-civil war, and not just in the U.S., but worldwide, pits the overall ideal of sovereign persons and nations against the Communist Totalitarian Globalist Agenda 21/30. And it is a war that is, in spots, turning kinetic.

Please read this entire thread. Extremely informative, if true.

But why, some ask, is the military required? Isn’t that proof that Trump is trying to assume dictatorial powers as his miserable four-year reign ends?. I imagine this question arising in many of those who continue to absorb MSM news that serves as the propaganda arm of the extreme leftist absurdity into which my original liberal, progressive home has degenerated.

Please read this next tweet, from Martin Geddess, with “extreme alertness.” And then please be prepared to help educate liberals who have absolutely no idea of what really may be going on behind the scenes during Electiongate 2020.. But remember: only if they ask do we educate. We cannot change another’s mind when it is made up. The small cracks that appear due to increasing cognitive dissonance, are however, portals into which we can insert questions that they might, at this point, be willing to research for themselves.

Here’s one of Martin’s wonderful essays. This man has honed the critical, analytical powers of the left brain to laser precision, as directed by a crystal clear ethical focus of the right brain connected to the heart.  Grateful.

Election Fraud 2020

The Digital Coup and the Great Exposure

But how did this extreme split in our culture, where no one from the left is able to dialogue with anyone from the right, begin? Well, we can point to Hollywood, to Media, and other forms of obvious entrainment, but especially, we need to look at Academia, and how it has transmogrified over the past 50 years into an ideological monoculture that is poisoning our entire civilization.

Two nights ago, I listened to a Mark Levin interview of a Conservative Professor John Ellis, whose 2020 book, The Breakdown of Higher Education, presents his version of how education has shifted from teaching students how to think, to teaching them what to think. In this interview he details the timeline of how academia was gradually taken over by progressive, liberal professors, to the point where it has now been thoroughly corrupted into full-on indoctrination.  Here’s the transcript.

What struck me: Ellis says that in 1969, there were three liberal professors to two conservative professors. Not a bad ratio. But ever since then liberal professors have become more and more dominant, and it’s about thirteen to one in 2020. He says the hiring being done now is heading towards fifty to one!

Ellis: “That’s very unhealthy. You can’t have a serious debate about the issues of the day when one party is missing.”

Exactly. Which means, that leftist views, without pushback and dialogue from those on the right, naturally become more and more extreme. 

This excerpt, begins with Levin saying, about universities:

So, during this Electiongate 2020, we are witnessing the insanity that results when one “party” leans so far in one direction that they lose all ethical basis in their attempts to increase and hold on to “power.”

This is one example of how most of us are still not able to work with paradox, unable to integrate opposites within ourselves, and thus begin to “ascend” from 3D to 5D. Until we do begin that process of unearthing, honoring, and integrating our own personal shadows, nothing in the outer world can really change. The polarized extremes lie within us, folks. Everything occurring “out there” is projection. And as we change, so will the world change.

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