Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius: “extreme alertness” advised.

I’ve not had time to pay much attention to even snippets on twitter of the Arizona public meeting with the Trump team and the state legislators, but I did see Giuliani calling them all out to dare to step up to the plate and do the right thing, given the massive evidence uncovered re: voter fraud.:

Crowd erupts in cheers, as Giuliani tells AZ lawmakers: “Your career is worth losing if you can save the right to vote in America.”

And I do know that the very first witness Giuliani called up said this:

A day or two ago, President Trump said something like, “The next two weeks are going to be very interesting.”

The second half of any lunar cycle is where the potential of the seed planted and nourished at the New Moon gets illuminated at the Full Moon, and then flowers accordingly.

So here we go.

Notice that volatile, unpredictable, earthshaking Uranus at 7°32° Taurus just happens to be in a near-exact conjunction to the 6°15 Descendant for this Full Moon set for Washington, D.C.  It thus opposes the Scorpio Ascendant with Venus close by. A powerful time. Uranian shocks erupting from the Scorpionic deeps.

This is the Full Moon at 8°32 Sagittarius/Gemini, that time of year when we begin to put all the Gemini “facts” and “bits and pieces of info” during the year’s previous lunar cycles in widening Sagittarian perspectives. Voter fraud? Hell yes. And in so many ways it way beyond what we used to consider even possible.

Sabian symbol for 9° Sagittarius (always read for the next whole degree): A mother with her children on stairs. Marc Edmund Jones interprets: “This is a symbol of extreme alertness to the interests and need of others, and of high competency in pursuing any and all ideal ends in view.” Besides being the Teacher and Warrior, I’d call Sidney Powell the Mother. All three archetypes are relevant. And she is asking us to sit high on the stairs with her, where we can enjoy the vast panorama of long-running and ever-increasing global technological corruption opened up by the unprecedented Electiongate 2020 drama.

Sabian symbol for 9° Gemini): A quiver filled with arrows. Marc Edmund Jones: “This is a symbol of extreme alertness to the interests and needs of selfhood, and of high competence in pursuing any and all practical ends in view.” Hmmm . . . remember when Pelosi said, about something (what? second impeachment?) that “this is one of the arrows in our quiver.” Yeah, sure. Still think so, Pelosi? And notice how Giuliani’s call-out to the Arizona legislators (see above) asks them to place their own personal agendas in service to the large humanitarian cause?

News about Joe Biden’s “fall” and boot. Hmmm . . . is he (his clone?) being booted out now, arrested and sent home with an ankle monitor? Like so many others?

Oops! I see that Arizona has just “certified” the election results, in the middle of the hearing that demonstrates Arizona voter fraud! Just search that phrase, and you’ll find oodles of MSM articles about it. The MSM is drooling, as usual, over anything which looks like a “loss” for the Team Trump.

Pay close attention during these next two weeks.

Indeed, advise “Extreme alertness” — unless, like me, you’re even more exhausted from this political roller coaster ride than so many of us are of the Covid-19 scam. In that case, BREATHE! Ground yourself into this good Earth. We need to find, keep, and increase our resilience, more than ever before, if we wish to set our conscious intention for the best future possible for humankind.

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