LATE NOVEMBER 2020: Feeling Overwhelmed? We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

I’ve heard that the pace, and the shocks, will increase drastically over the next two weeks. And that actually, we’re in for a hell of a mind-blowing — and hopefully, heart-opening — ride all the way up to Trump’s inauguration January 20.

A few choice morsels . . .

Last night, upon retiring at 8 pm to make sure that I got enough sleep altogether — despite knowing that I would likely be awake and listening to all sorts of stuff from 1 to 4 am — I decided to take in this Jim Willie video, and it’s the clearest I’ve seen yet of what appears to be a kinetic showdown  (five people killed) between Deep State CIA forces and the newly re-organized special ops, over in Germany, re: that server that will help us understand what really happened in terms of electiongate voter fraud. At first, when hearing about this, people (including Sidney Powell), kept saying, I don’t know who got it, whether it was black hats or white hats. And now, it does appear that indeed, if Jim Willie is correct, the white hats got it. Wake up folks, there is a clandestine civil war going on, NOW, and yes, I’d say it IS between the forces of evil and the forces of good.

For a terrific briefing on the meaning of the strategic split between independent attorneys Sidney Powell/LinWood and the paid presidential attorney team, see attorney Leigh Dundee, who presents her material with such an amazing ratio between signals and noise (no noise!) that I’m left overwhelmed. But would much rather go back and listen again than have to twiddle my thumbs while some more relaxed? (and often egocentric) commentator diddles and daddles on his way to giving us what he thinks or pretends are the goods.

P.S. At the time of this briefing, Dundee did not know about the trap Trump set for Biden when he agreed to release funds for the transition from the TSA. (Biden has to declare whether or not he’s had business with foreign actors. Hmmm . . . Ukraine? China? Time to concede,  Big Guy.)

Here’s the inimitable Thomas Wictor’s analysis of what really happened with the recent declared “assasination” of the nuclear scientist in Iran. If he’s correct, that this man and his family were whisked out of Iran to Saudi Arabia (which now has a peace deal with Israel), then, as he concludes, the long-running covert Iranian nuclear program is kaput.

And finally, want to know who really runs the world? (Hint: not human.) And if so, why it’s so important for us to know this? Michael Salla’s perspective on the implications of Trump’s firing of eleven members of the DOD’s Defense Policy Council, including Henry Kissinger and Madeline Albright.

Trump Fires Kissinger: Prison Planet has change in Management

Also check out the comments to Salla’s video. Besides bad guy draco reptitilians, Salla is well aware that some ETs are good guys. In other words, it appears to me and many others that, just like on Earth, the universe is populated with many species of conscious beings, all with their own agendas, some of which are service-to-others and others merely service-to-self.

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