ARKCroneCast Offerings for 11/29/2020: Audio, Doing the Dishes, continued; Video: Coming of Age at the Hotel Idlewild

A new Patreon post today is the third installment from the audiobook, Doing the Dishes: Refracting Personal History Through the Lens of Daily Ritual

CroneCast #50 || Doing The Dishes: Chapters 15 thru 18 || 1980’s, Part 1


Free offering on Patreon and for Youtube subscribers:

CroneCast #47 || Communities I Have Lived In, Part 2: Hotel Idlewild

Description: The Hotel Idlewild, appropriately named, was the scene of my “coming of age,” starting in 1969, a process that took two years, both in this same “summer commune,” south of Cambridge, where I then lived with my husband and kids. Between the first and second summers, I freed myself from the marriage.That first summer I was like an unopened seed, still dormant, waiting for I knew not what. The second summer I experienced the flowering.

My stunning interior transformation took place in this largely anarchistic intentional community composed of mostly Boston area university graduate students and their children, 30 adults in all, 25 kids, up to 100 people total on weekends, all of us running wild. Yup. Sex, drugs, rock and roll.



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