Was Sidney Powell “kicked off the (White House) team”? Or is this 5D chess.

Yesterday, I pointed out that Sidney Powell, though filing civil cases, thinks criminal charges should be filed. I then looked up, and noted, some of the differences between civil and criminal charges.

But then suddenly, I see the announcement that Sidney Powell is NOT part of the Trump legal team. Huh? This, after appearing last Thursday with Giulani and Ellis, Trump’s personal attorneys, for a big press conference?

I imagine (without bothering to find out), that the MSM, ever looking to discredit Trump and Electiongate 2020, eagerly picked up this announcement as bait; thinking it showed discord, the reigning media piranha dived in to sow further divide-and-conquer chaos.

But: here’s Gateway Pundit’s post on what happened:

Michael Flynn Jr. Releases More Information on Trump Team’s Sidney Powell Statement — And It’s NOT What You Think

Conservative Treehouse had a very different, and much more mundane, take on the situation: It’s all about the money, how it’s divied up . . .

Republican Business Interests Separate from Sidney Powell

Then there’s the Trump 5D chess version, which has many variations, some of which are detailed in these two threads, one from #RattlerGator, the other from #Praying Medic. The first pulls a detailed gestalt from the swirling currents; the second inspires others to put in their own two cents as to what actually happened.

Both also inspire fear-mongering critics. Oh well! Check them out.

Meanwhile, I’m clearly in over my head with this matter —  here’s one person’s very detailed report of the legalities and timeline — though I do suspect the latest Sidney broohaha is “optics,” some kind of 5D maneuver. And love her new hashtag: #KrakenOnSteroids.

And meanwhile, Trump spent yesterday afternoon golfing. Serene in the knowledge that his team (including Sidney but not “officially?) has “got this”?




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