Questions about Sidney Powell, one Personal, the other Legal


Last night reader Ann Dimitrellis commented wondering where I got the birthdate for Sidney Powell, since it appears there are different claims to the date of her birth. Here’s the reference for the date I used:  May 2, 1963. 

I should have checked further, except thatthe chart seemed so perfect, given what we are seeing from her in public now.

But I was curious, so I checked another source, which put her birthday at May 1, 1955!

So . . . I set up another chart, this one for May 1 1955, again at noon.

Notice: once again, a major T-cross in fixed signs, but this time it’s Sun/Saturn/Pluto, with Saturn occupying the place that Pluto was in for the later date. Mars, for this date, is in fact-finding Gemini, likely square to analytic Moon, again in Virgo. If Leo Ascendant (which I suspect indeed), then Pluto in Leo (1938-58) gives her plenty of hutzvah to stand up to anyone. No need for Mars there. And notice again, Venus in Aries!

What makes me suspect that this is likely the correct date are the transits: the May 1 1955 chart is impacted strongly by the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto behemoth in late Capricorn this year, all of them crisscrossing back and forth opposite her Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 23°-24° Cancer, square Neptune at 26° Libra.

In sum, the two charts are remarkably similar. However, assuming she IS deeply impacted by the global fight she’s in, then, given the 2020 transits,  I’ll vote for this chart. And P.S. that Uranus/Jupiter square Neptune of hers is closely connected by conjunction to the Saturn/Venus in Cancer conjunction in Trump’s chart. As soon as he was elected, I foresaw that this man was going to extend the field of influence of protection for his own family to the people of the United States; and lately I recognize, even to the whole world, as family. And the deplorables of this earth are recognizing that, voting for him, and cheering for him, everywhere. These two, Sidney and Donald, are protective teammates in this climactic global takedown of the centuries old cabal.


In one of the interviews with Sidney, she mentioned that the court cases she is pursuing are civil, not criminal; that she wishes there would be criminal charges brought against those who have defrauded the American people of their right to vote in a fair and transparent election.

I wondered: does the Supreme Court take civil as well as criminal cases? Yes.

I decided to look up the difference between the two:

Standards and Burden of Proof:

Civil Law: “Preponderance of Evidence” (more than 50%)

Criminal Law: “Innocent until proven guilty” (99%)

Are the court cases Sidney is to bring before the Supreme Court situations of Res Ipsa Loquitur (the thing speaks for itself). If so, is this the same as “FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING”? 



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