ARKCroneCast Offerings for 11/22/2020: Video: Munchkin House/OpenSpace Community; Audio: Doing the Dishes, pt 1

Today’s video is the third installment on communities:

CroneCast #49 ||Communities I Have Lived In: Munchkin House (1978-80)

Description: In 1974, I went Home Again, after 12 years, to marry my high school sweetheart, then the Editor of the local paper, Twin Falls, Idaho. After two years we lovingly divorced. The Publisher then offered me a column in that newspaper, which I called “Coming Back Home.” This series caused such a strong polarized reaction that he finally stopped it after the 8th column. Here it is. I then decided to offer the same opportunity to the other odd fellows in my exceedingly “normal” home town, and this is the story of that two-year experiment: a local community magazine, OpenSpace, brimming with essays, poetry, art, and interviews, the entire operation run out of Munchkin House, a tiny place brimming with life.


Free offerings on Patreon and Youtube this week:

CroneCast #46 || Doing The Dishes: Introduction & Chapters 1 thru 6 || The 1960’s

The first installment from the new audiobook! DOING THE DISHES: Refracting Personal History Through the Lens of Daily Ritual. As one who has led an unusually peripatetic life, I have done the dishes in so many sinks, from primitive to sophisticated, that I lost count long ago. But why remember? Well, one can use this or any other daily ritual, and its likely drifting shifts over time, to gain perspective on one’s own evolutionary changes. Standing there, on a daily basis and year by year, in front of successive sinks and during which daily moods and concerns preoccupy the mind and ricochet off the silverware, can yield, when viewed altogether and as a process, vignettes of various sizes that map provocative arcs of meaning through space and time.


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