AK Reader: “Coming Back Home” newspaper columns (1978)

Back in my 30s, I went back home, Twin Falls Idaho, ostensibly to marry my high school sweetheart after 12 long years apart. That marriage lovingly dissolved two years later. And there I was: still “stuck” in my old home town! But not really. Over the next few years I went into high gear, with two experiments, one after another, both  to help activate the town where I grew up into fuller aliveness.

I explore the second experiment, where I created a community magazine called OpenSpace in today’s ARKCroneCast, which we ran out of a tiny place, Munchkin House, 1978-1980.

The first experiment, a series of eight columns in the local newspaper, I feature here as a little e-book. Looking back on this series now, it still looks and feels revolutionary! No wonder the Publisher finally called a halt.

Coming Back Home pdf copy

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