11/22/2020: JFK(Jr.) News on 57th Anniversary of Kennedy Assasination?

Huh? You say . . . BUT:

And remember, this day happens to be one of those 1,2,0 days, the final one of the 11th month 2020, nearly one third of the way through the 120 1, 2,0 days from 2020 through 2022.

Of course, it would be my fondest wish, and that of (how many?) others, if John John would reveal himself now, today, on his Dad’s assasination anniversary, 57 years later. Nearly one Saturn return later. But I have a feeling that this revelation will not take place until the election fraud teachings and legal processes have culminated, triggering the Demoncrats to erupt, as long planned, in chaos — and then, just then, miracle of miracles, JFK (who used to be Jr.until his dad died, and was as a younger adult a Democrat) enters, stage right, to unify the country, and indeed the whole world. 

Am I crazy. If so, I’m not alone.

And our craziness is NOT demonic.

2021. Are we about to participate in the launch of a new type of sanity?

From 3D to 5D.

From polarity to presence.

From left brain to right brain.

From “power over” to playfulness.

From scarcity to abundance.

From war to peace,

From 2020 Emergency to 2021 Emergence: Unification of individual, sovereign, ensouled humans with individual, sovereign, ensouled Earth.

Q — And now, Sidney Powell: “It will be Biblical.”

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PhD Philosophy, 1972. Rogue philosopher ever since.
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