ELECTIONGATE: “Fraud Vitiates Everything”??!?

Let’s Be Very Clear About the Election Outcome. “FRAUD VITIATES EVERYTHING.”

I read this post — originally put up in September! — a while ago, but it didn’t sink in.

IF this is true, then what we’re going through now with the flood of info from vast numbers of sources detailing the myriad ways that the 2020 (s)election process was totally compromised, is prelude to what we might call the ultimate sting — way bigger than even the two I’ve mentioned so far (see this and this). In other words, the incredibly close timing of the need to get myriads of court cases in front of the Supreme Court, where it will hopefully decide in favor of the plaintiffs in time for the State Electors to meet on December 14, is not necessary. Instead, this massive flood of info is being promulgated basically to educate the naive and/or sleeping American public: Q’s “THE GREAT AWAKENING.”

We all know how long it takes to crawl through the legal system. And Trump, always, I claim, playing his surreptitious Trump Card, is determined to abide by the Rule of Law, and not take matters into his own hands, thus vitiating the finale of the Demoncrats playbook, where they would need to “drag (“Hitler,” “dictator”) Trump out of the White House when he refuses to concede. . .” and thus use this drama to ignite civil war, i.e., utter chaos, out of which would emerge their long planned New World Order.

And yes, Trump HAS refused to concede.

And no wonder!

Again, IF this is true, the supreme court precedent that can be used to declare the possible vitiation of the entire election, then it would make total sense of the info psychic Utsava put out, over and over again during this past year, that Trump “will run against NOTHING.” She didn’t know what that meant, either. At first it seemed like this remark might be interpreted as Trump running against a Biden clone or double, i.e., not the original Biden and/or the dementia-diminshed Biden — and thus “nothing;” but now “nothing” just might make a lot more sense.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted this, about Michigan.

“Nothing can be done to cure that giant scam.” (There’s that word “nothing” again). Is he hinting about the coming legal vitiation of the entire election?

That tweet came before  the two Republican electors that first turned down the certification in Wayne County (Detroit),  and then through pressure, reversed course and joined the Demoncrats for a 4-0 decision to rectify — and now have reportedly reversed course again, in spite of the pressure (in defiance of the pressure? getting their courage up?), the nature of which they detailed in affidavits. Due to this latest reversal, Wayne County votes are no longer certified.

Here’s another hint: “VOTER FRAUD ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! . . .” as Trump retweets a surprising report by the mainstay of mainstream news, the venerable old grey lady herself, the New York Times.  Huh?

Does this signal the start of the MSM coming into compliance with its original mandate to report “the news” in an objective, neutral, NOT politically polarized manner? Or is it just plain too late for the MSM, which, as propaganda arm for the Deep State Demoncrats massively rigged election, is also about to be indicted for treason?


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