AMAZING PATRIOT GLENN BECK: How have I not recognized him before?

Because, during those decades when I was living under my entrainment into  the progressive liberal Democratic agenda (the memory of which still rings as “home” to me, though the very word “progressive” now casts an evil spell, so much has the denotation of this word morphed from caring-for-all to dictating-to-all), the name “Glenn Beck” felt like poison. One of the whackos on the other side. Like Rush Limbaugh, who, I remember, famously scoffed at “femininazis.” Which of course, infuriated my politically correct, and for a time, man-hating, feminist self.

I remember a few years ago, accidentally hearing Limbaugh on the radio driving to the grocery store — and was stunned! This man is telling the truth!

So now, same with Glenn Beck. I happened upon him last night at 2:30 AM, during my usual nightly insomnia period. And again, was stunned! Here’s what I picked up on, and the reason I was intrigued: because of Beck’s statement, at the beginning, of having now in his possession founding documents for the U.S. in the 1770s, leading up to the Constitution which, I am very interested in, suddenly, lately, especially since the ascendancy of  “constitutionalist” Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, and witnessing the ongoing info war we are being subjected to now re: the election morass.

I never thought much about the Constitution of the United States. Didn’t need to. I just took it for granted, just as each of us takes for granted the “constitution,” i.e., the relative strength, energy, vigor, of our own physical bodies — until something goes wrong.

Some of us have stronger constitutions than others. Likewise nation states. And this one, this United States of America Constitution, how strong and resilient, how vigorous, is it? Can it not only survive the current onslaught, but after a death/rebirth process indicated by transit Pluto’s first return to the point it occupied in the zodiac when this country was born, actually finally begin to thrive, despite the, or as a direct result of,  the ongoing pummeling received during this Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn year 2020 when all structural (constitutional) forms (Saturn) on every level (Saturn) are being rattled to the max (Jupiter/Pluto)?

Is the U.S. Constitution something We the People want to keep? Something we want to fight for, rather than against? If so, then the extreme leftist Antifa call for revolution is utterly despicable and totally unacceptable.

If we do begin to consciously view the Constitution as the principal founding document, the original set of long pondered, analyzed, and finally, finalized founders’ ideas of a “more perfect union” (notice, not perfect, but getting there . . .) that determined just what would manifest into the structural reality of our culture and political institutions; i.e., if we do view this document as of foundational value, i.e., sacred, in a secular sense, then this moment in time is critical.

Or even in a spiritual sense. We, the People, constitute one nation, under God.

I put up a post recently where I wondered if Trump has played the Trump card; and now, I’d say, he’s been playing that card all along. It’s the one that determines the framework within which he acts as President, and that is according to the Rule of Law and Separation of Powers as set forth by the founding fathers in the Constitution of the United States. This is why he is focused on doing things by the book, and now on taking to the Supreme Court of the land the question, has the 2020 presidential election been stolen by the Democrats? And if the Supreme Court says no, Trump indicates that he will step down. At first he hinted that he would. Now he is being more forthright. This, I argue, is the Trump Card. Because the crazed leftists are counting on him to refuse to concede, no matter what, so they can drag him out of the White House and ignite the final conflagration in their long planned Color Revolution inside the U.S.A.

After listening to this Beck video with my eyes closed, trying to get back to sleep, but getting too excited to do that, I now want to watch it too, so that I can see with my own eyes, the copy he has in his possession of an original handwritten draft of the Constitution that shows where words and sentences were argued over, and changed, by various founders on their way to forging the final document. Glenn Beck obviously takes this document very seriously, and more and more, I do too (and will, as I said, put up the astrology chart of the Constitution once I have a bit more historical prep.)

Back to me, pre-transformation: I used to hate America, feel embarrassed, even disgusted with our country. And certainly, there are awful things about us, including how the early pioneers genocided the Native Americans, and the fact that we have been at war 93% of the time since this nation’s founding. But, according to Beck, did you know that prior to dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki we dropped literally millions of flyers on these two cities and ten others, saying we had this new and horrifically lethal bomb, that unless the Japanese government surrendered we were going to use it, and urged citizens to leave these cities now. Did you know that, according to Beck, the Japanese government would shoot on sight anyone who picked up one of these flyers? Suddenly, that possible fact throws a very strong new light on that entire Nuclear Bomb scenario, which woke me up at two-year-old, and turned me into an utterly, and constantly terrified child.

So, back to Glenn Beck. This morning I listened to another Glenn Beck video, this one from just over two months ago, and found it both very instructive and remarkably prescient:

Beck stresses that courage is needed, and that Americans must find their courage to change the mainstream-media “Biden/Kamala” deliberate deception without ever buying into hatred and violence. Agreed. That is essential. Otherwise, he adds, if you start to express hatred you turn into an “accelerant” in the violent color revolution long-dreamed up by the extreme left, including Antifa and BLM.

Which reminds me: did you catch the remark that Sidney Powell made in an interview yesterday (unfortunately can’t remember which one), about how her voter fraud whistleblowers are frightened, and receiving threats to their lives? Likewise, I saw that the two Republicans on the board that at first refused to certify the vote in Detroit last night  then, only hours later, caved-in. Again, threatened.

You can only imagine how threatened Powell, Giuliani, Lin Wood, other attorneys including those on the Supreme Court, not to mention President Trump, his family, staff and allies must feel during this incendiary do-or-die moment in time that will decide whether there will be a future for the United States of America.

Courage, my friends, is essential. Each of us must stand up for our God-given rights of freedom of expression and freedom to bear arms, as primary. Each of us must find our own individual role in this extraordinary historical drama, and together, we must find the will to forge a united cultural, political, and indeed, spiritual wall to push back against this end-stage attempt at a globalist takeover and the utter dissolution of the United States of America.






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