Chris, an Astrologer: “When will the chaos end?” And various interpretations . . .

I did something I usually do not do: watch another astrologer talk about coming events. But the question Chris, an astrologer who puts up The Cirf Report asked, “When will the chaos end?” intrigued me, and while I don’t necessarily agree with all his interpretations, certainly the main thrust of what he says, basically, about the extremely stressful conditions that will he says, ramp up, and continue for two years, I can agree with.

His focus is on all the upcoming, extremely stressful squares. However, let us also remember that Mars in mid-Capricorn  ignited an extremely stressful conjunction with the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction back in March of this year when the Covid fear-porn psy-op was announced, and then quickly proceeded to create a stressful square with that same behemoth conjunction beginning in late July when it moved into mid-Aries. and the Antifa/BLM riots spread to Portland. Plus, remember, Mars has remained in that same degree area ever since, having turned to go Rx on September 9, and then, finally Direct again over this past weekend, with the Million MAGA March; Mars will finally exit that degree area at the end of the first week in January, when it moves out of fiery Aries into the next, and usually steadying, sign of Taurus.

And yet, mea culpa! — that’s s when my close look at what’s coming up stopped! Which is why I thank Chris the astrologer for continuing! And yet, when Chris builds his analysis on what’s coming by focusing on the plethora the upcoming squares, I remind myself that we’ve already been through a hell of a lot in 2020!

But he’s right. The major square that’s upcoming, and is bound to have a long-lasting effect, is that between slow-moving Saturn and even slower moving Uranus, beginning just as Saturn moves into Aquarius (along with Jupiter) on December 21, Winter Solstice. Why? Because these planets signify opposite forces, and: both rule group-oriented, but independent-minded and innovative Aquarius! Saturn wants to clamp things down, back to some kind of status quo (especially keep those masks and social distancing, as these make it more difficult to either see or work with each other as individuals); yet Uranus stirs things up, disrupting that status quo, causing, in earthy quaking Taurus, breakdown/breakthroughs in all that we personally value, including money and other security measures that make us feel safe; over and over again this Saturn/Uranus see-saw is going to be jacking up and down, in and out, no rest for the weary.

And, I’d say, the real start to the chaos/or some kind of tremendous tumult, will be when Mars, at the end of the first week of January, begins to conjunct Uranus in its closing square to Saturn. 

Key phrase here: either chaos in the streets and/or some other kind of horrendous conflagration of all that we used to take for granted. Long-standing bureaucratic, unelected Deep State upended? I.e., Drain the swamp? Thousands of perps begin to get tried, convicted, executed or imprisoned? Meanwhile, keep in mind, that when (not if) Donald Trump enters his second term as president, thanks especially to Release the Kraken Sydney Powell and Mafia-buster Rudy Giuliani, the mental breakdown/breakthroughs that will infect this intensely divided nation will be, as she says, staggering.

Chaos in the streets? Yes, probably, for awhile. Here are two further explorations of that likely possibility, a very instructive video about the history and nature of Antifa and BLM — and of course, the starring roles they will have in the upcoming cultural conflagration —

— and another, by Martin Armstrong, about his version of the chaotic “civil war” time ahead, based on his own reading of especially economic and political concerns.

Both see different results, depending upon who actually wins the election, and both prefer Trump, who both see as much more likely to move against the chaos with whatever force appropriate. Indeed, if those who study the current hysterical, over-the-top mind-controlled leftist culture are correct, most Dems, RINOs and other Deep Staters, including “foreign actors,” of many kinds, want nothing less than to tear this nation and all other nations apart on the way to their much vaunted and long awaited New World Order One World Government where We the People of the world are mushed together in “smart” cities, our property rights stripped entirely, and all (except technocratic plutocratic class) treated equally as worker slaves, survival needs taken care of by the coming Communist state unless we dare to disobey. (Tbink Communist China, now, its “credit system,” slave factories, and organ harvesting of enslaved ethnic groups, for a whiff of what we don’t want.)

However, what’s coming in is the Aquarian Age; an age where individualism counts above all else. The free expression of each individual in the world is absolutely essential, if we are to avoid the numbing and dumbing down effect of Socialism yielding to Communism which would lump us all into one mass with individual initiative not only counting for nothing, but expressly forbidden!

Jerome Corsi has a very instructive and detailed video out today about the current election morass and what’s coming down the pike. Note: He’s a bit more Christian God-centered than I; on the other hand, I’m entirely in favor of viewing and sensing the entire universe, and we in it, as utterly, and magically, and miraculously DIVINE! In the end, we righteous ones probably differ only in the language we use in our failed attempts to express the inexpressible.

P.S. Corsi notes that the Kraken was originally a mythic SEA MONSTER that would surge up from the depths and gobble down ships at sea. The Plutonian depths, the collective unconscious, the swamp. YES! Go Sydney!


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