Courageous Mars turns to go direct, ignites Million Maga March

Note: See the amazing astrology of November 12-15.

How’s this for same day action when Mars turns? I heard that Trump has been thinking of doing more MAGA rallies. But perhaps he doesn’t need to, now that We the People are activated.


But then, of course, the — ahem! — “less evolved” side of Mars was also in evidence yesterday, when, once darkness fell, well-funded Antifa and BLM thugs came out in force, to cause havoc, hurt and steal from MAGA marchers, young and old, as they tried to eat dinner, and/or returned to their hotels or cars.

BTW: In that astro update I did not include the fact that the asteroid Pallas (or Pallas Athena) sits with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction at 22°-23° Capricorn during this critical moment in world history. I remember seeing her there, but then decided not to complicate my analysis by looking for female figures who figure big during this time.

But now that I witness Sidney Powell’s current appearances on both Lou Dobbs and today, Maria Bartinomo, I realize that yes, Pallas Athena, known as the ancient Greek Warrior Goddess of Wisdom, and especially known for her guardianship over Athens, where Democracy was born, does need to be included! For what IS Sydney Powell, if not Athena in action?

Sydney Powell: “Staggering” evidence of vote fraud, Dominion machines engineered by China, Venezuela, Cuba and DESIGNED to steal elections worldwide… release the Kraken!

Remember, Sydney Powell is Michael Flynn’s attorney in his long-running drama to clear his good name despite ongoing outrageous blocks from Judge Sullivan.

Without freedom, there is no democracy.

Without democracy, all bets are off.

Truly, the stakes, FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, in this U.S. election 2020, could not be higher.

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