Did DJT just play the Trump Card? —

— By “hinting” that he would agree to step down if he loses in court his claims of fraudulent election?

Here’s how I arrived at that possible conclusion, and why I think it’s the Trump Card . . .


Well, well. Here we are, inside the intense Nov 12-15  astrological window that includes doubly powerful Jupiter/Pluto conjunct exact, Mars turning, to go direct from many months retrograde, and then one final note: Sunday’s New Moon in Scorpio.

Like many people I was looking forward to yesterday’s Rose Garden presser, scheduled for 4:00 p.m on the very day that Mars turned to go direct, and billed as a report on  Operation Warp Speed. As near as I can figure it actually began at 4:10 p.m. when Trump walked to the podium. Here’s the chart for that moment, and it’s a doozy!

Pluto/Jupiter exact conjunction to the 22° Midheaven!

Uranus exact conjunction to the 8° Taurus Ascendant!

Moon/Mercury exact conjunction at 3° Scorpio!

This chart seems designed, somehow; very deliberate; set up with focused, precisely timed intention. Why do I say this? Because: since the Ascendant and Midheaven (and entire house system) move quickly, about 1° every four minutes, this 4:10 pm EST timing put outer planet conjunctions on both these points where the energies of the chart, i.e. of that moment’s unique energetic configuration, expressed into the world!

Both Uranus and Pluto, because they are very long-cycled, refer more to movements in the collective unconscious, to shifts in the zeitgeist, than to anything personal, unless of course, like President Trump, you happen to have at least one planet on or near a personal point in the chart. (His Sun/Moon eclipse conjuncts Uranus. No wonder he’s called a “wild card.)

Uranus on the Ascendant: sudden electric, unpredictable shift in the persona! Pluto with Jupiter on the Midheaven: extreme power surging up from below, spreading everywhere from a small, potent point . . .

Plus, that exact conjunction in Scorpio of the Moon with Mercury — Moon also moves  quickly,  about 1° every two hours. Moon fused with Mercury: the mind and emotions synchronized, unified. My conclusion: this address was meant to reassure (Mercury/Moon) those whose minds (Mercury) have been hijacked by the emotion (Moon) of  F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

And of course, note that this chart, and this event, occurred on the always auspicious Friday the 13th, and just happened to be the first presidential presser since the Election Fiasco on November 3. Ten days dark; both Potus and Q. Both returned yesterday. Hmmmm. . . . was that the rumored Ten Days of Darkness? I thought so, for astrological reasons, which, it turns out, dovetails nicely.

And note too, that this presser was held on the very day when Mars turned to go in direct motion (exact at 7:30 p.m. EST), releasing the energy of Mars for forward motion, direct action, one day prior to today’s tens of thousands of MAGA supporters in D.C., set to march  at noon from the Washington Mall to the Supreme Court.

But what actually happened during yesterday’s Rose Garden speech? Was his talk that electric, profound? Well, no, it certainly didn’t seem like it at the time, with him going on and on about the supposed vaccine they supposedly will have ready fastest in history! Free for the most vulnerable among us at warp speed! As early as December! At this point, frankly, I wanted to turn it off, so disgusted was I by all the fear-mongering that has led to this Big Pharma focus on vaccine rescue drugs for the sheeple still cowering from media-induced brainwashing about the “invisible enemy.” (But then, inside me, a little voice chimed in: “Oh, but wait. Might the “vaccine” actually just be a harmless but effective placebo, used to damp down the fear virus?”)

But then, when Trump also brought up the availability of, not the very inexpensive and effective HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) — that’s a no-no, ever since he mentioned it the first time, back in March! — but Remdesivir, noting it “works very well.” At this remark I actually snorted out loud in disgust. What? Doesn’t he realize that this very expensive drug “doesn’t work”?

That’s when I began to wonder. What if he’s trolling us, somehow. What if his presser touting the progress of Operation Warp Speed, is both a con and a comm?

But then, another turn of the screw. And this is the one that really got me. At the very end of the vaccine rant, his bombastic, bragging tone changed; he mentioned, as if an afterthought, that “this administration” will not go into lockdown — not under any circumstance.” He put intense, even passionate, focus on this one statement, and then in a hesitating manner, framed it in the context of, he “didn’t know” about “the next administration,” but anyway, this administration would never go into lockdown.  (P.S. Fake “President-Elect” Biden has already said he would put the nation into lockdown.)

At the time, I saw both his demeanor and his remarks about lockdown and “the next administration” as extremely weird, and they set in motion sudden internal anxiety —  but then my mind stepped  to the rescue, immediately interpreting him to mean, “any administration after the second Trump administration.”

Even so, I felt unsettled somehow, and didn’t really know why, nor could I even admit it to myself.  After all, I, along with what is it, 80% of the population who may have voted for him? — assume that alpha male top dog Trump will bar no holds in fighting to stay in office, despite whatever the never-ending five-years-long-and-counting Leftist, Marxist, Socialist, Communist Deep State coup d’etat against this administration drums up next through its very own blaring propaganda arm, the MSM.

The Democrats, of course, also see Trump as a apex bulldog fighter, which is why they have, as the finale of their playbook, the probability that they will have to go in with the military and use force to drag him out of the White House, since he will never concede and leave voluntarily. Note this well. Because . . .

At some point late yesterday afternoon I then saw a weird tweet that unsettled me further, and made me focus on what Trump actually said, and his demeanor while saying it; unlike at first, when my own “confirmation bias,” that Trump is a fighter, and so will never give up, had been only momentarily disrupted.

Then RT got in the act as well. Saw it this morning:

Ready to Concede? Trump hints at 1-term tenure, reportedly says he will ‘surrender’ if legal challenges fail

That’s when it hit me. What if Trump has just played the Trump card? By agreeing to “surrender” if legal challenges fail, he thus vitiates the Dems main playing card: that Trump, the would-be dictator, will never concede and will have to be dragged out of the White House.

In other words, so-called dictator Trump is slyly indicating that he will submit to the Rule of Law; that he too, is a strict “Constitutionist,” along with Amy Coney Barrett.

More and more, as Pluto’s first return to the degree it occupied when this nation was born begins its multi-year process of deathing, and hopefully rebirthing, what does it mean to say that the Constitution is the rock, the foundation of this nation? Well, it’s like the Bible for the Judeo-Christian religions; it’s that important. (I will be looking at the birthchart for the U.S. Constitution in future posts.)

Meanwhile, to return to his supposedly hesitant, conciliatory tone at the end of the presser yesterday. First, note, that 8° Taurus on the Ascendant of that presser chart happens to be exactly the Midheaven degree on Trump’s chart, 8° Taurus. In other words, transit Uranus, now traveling back and forth over his Midheaven, indicates that he is indeed capable of just letting it all go — plus he chose yesterday’s date, and setting, and moment, when Uranus sat exactly on that same 7° Taurus degree at the Ascendant, to use his usually bloviating, but suddenly “weak” persona to say so. 

More crucially here, he is indicating, by playing this very Art of War move, his “willingness to surrender” as the Trump card, that this administration does not act unlawfully — in dramatic contrast to the astonishing fraud which his legal team aims to prove was perpetrated on the American people, not only in this election, but in any election ever since electronic counting systems have been employed, to not only determine the winner in our elections, but to determine the winners of elections in other nations where the Deep State wanted regime change. The Deep State knew what it was doing. It just didn’t know it would get caught.

And, by demonstrating that he does plan to follow the Constitution and stay within the Rule of Law, even by agreeing to give up the Presidency if necessary, then he also, I would say, guarantees enormous support from at least the 80% of the people who likely already voted for him, and perhaps even some who have continued to swallow the blue pill even through the lawless Biden corruption scandal that was unveiled right before the election.

209,000 unsealed indictments remain to be opened, arrests yet to be made. When? Starting in 2021, after this very instructive election broohaha is over and has taught the entire world about the astonishing corruption that has been perpetrated on the world’s peoples for so long in order to bring in the globalist New World Order.

In other words again,  since Trump has indicated he is willing to follow the Rule of Law, even if it puts him out of office, then in his second term, when he begins to make those arrests, and when he puts down the riots that are bound to follow once the election has been proved for Trump, the left will be unable get away with labeling him a dictator, another Hitler. 

Plus, most important; Civil War will have been averted.

The Dems sick playbook is, frankly, about to be terminated, as Sydney Powell is about to demonstrate, starting Monday after the New Moon in Scorpio, when she’s going to ‘RELEASE THE KRAKEN,” a phrase that went viral the instant it was uttered.



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  1. Teri Gilmore says:

    Revelations is getting real.

  2. Steve jones says:

    Didn’t take them long to take the video down. They are practicing a technique called flood and suppress , or something like that . The effort to silence, keep people in the dark, is kinda disturbing. They’ve been burying my posts and flagging me for hardly anything. I appreciate your efforts trying to inform folks.. I have been trying myself . It’s frustrating to be censor and hidden from people you are trying to help. Bitchute is an alternate site to YouTubb of crap. They pride themselves in freedom of expression and speech. Hopefully no ones bought them yet. If you’re able to post the video there? Send me a email. Curiosity killed this cat. Bless you and “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop”

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