Ten Days Dark from 11/3 until today . . . let us review the astrology of the Promised Land for We the People

Check out how it goes today through Sunday. Will the Jupiter/Pluto exact conjunction signify a climactic Jupiterian expansion of powerful Plutonian forces on one or both sides of the great divide? Will the Mars retrograde churning begin to clear up as Mars turns to go direct? Will the New Moon in Scorpio signify an authentic new beginning in the Scorpionic depths of the soul of our great nation?  Check this out:

ASTROLOGY: Is the election morass not to finally clear up until November 12-15, with first, Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, then Mars SD, and finally, Scorpio New Moon?

But of course the latest controlled mass media psy-op that declared Biden “President-Elect” has captured all those with eyes still glued to the MSM. How long will that farce last?

And how many people did actually vote for Trump? Some say as high as 80%.

Though the trends towards uncovering and rectifying all the various types of voter fraud in the six swing states, at least as I read them, do already seem unmistakable —

— even so, election protocols must be followed, and these lead us to December 14, when the Electors, chosen by State Legislators of all 50 states on December 12th, meet in their own Legislatures to certify the Electoral Vote for their state. The totals from the states, when added up to 270 or more, determine the winner.

I saw somewhere that the longer we delay the process of the demonized Dems discovering that their Big Guy as “projected winner” did NOT win, the longer we can delay (and defuse?) the inevitable ghastly Soros-funded temper tantrums. In the dead of winter, it’s harder to stay outside and scream and punch and wreck and burn stuff down.

Furthermore, remember, Winter Solstice, 2020, is when Jupiter and Saturn, having both finally moved out of Capricorn — and the fulminating Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction that has relentlessly ground down life on earth to a near- standstill during this entire year — will conjunct at 0°17 of the next sign, Aquarius.

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius on December 21, Winter Solstice, heralds the real beginning of the Aquarian Age. Not that the transition will be easy, but we will begin to get a whiff of a decided shift in the cultural atmosphere, as we ramp up the process of dismantling what had seemed to be the climactic hierarchical New World Order control drama into what will transform ultimately, into a decentralized, horizontally networked world, where “We the People” are, each of us as souls, SOVEREIGN, both in the U.S. and everywhere else on this beautiful ensouled planet Earth.

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  1. 11/12/2020 https://youtu.be/EBcQ26ha0Ho Shane Vaughn Teaches – “What Happens If President Trump Does Not Concede The Election”

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