CELESTIAL NAVIGATIONS: Introduction to Esoteric Astrology as a Path of Self-Mastery

It feels appropriate to put this essay up now, given the one I posted earlier today that talks about our need to recognize ourselves a sovereign souls who do not need to be “saved,” but rather to fully express the unfolding magnificence of our own unique natures.

“Celestial Navigations” is part of my ongoing Recapitulation Project, wherein I am going through my files and deciding what to keep and share in an archive that I will begin to put up on the Tendre Press website, starting sometime this winter. To date, there are 399 entries (essays and long manuscripts, many of them having to be retyped) in the Excel file I set up to both keep track and help myself not get lost! I had no idea, until I began this “life review” that it was indeed a life review, since I have been writing and publishing ever since my doctoral dissertation back in 1972, entitled “This Is Not A Book About Wittgenstein.” I’m in the middle of getting that 200-page doc ready to be shared as well.

What an extraordinary journey my life has been! And for anyone reaching my age (now nearly 78 years old), and conscious, the richer, fuller, life becomes! I am SO glad that I did not check out during my second Saturn Return (at 60). My personality did feel tempted; but my souI ignored the urge.

This essay, hopefully, can be read and understood by even those who have no familiarity with the language of astrology.


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