Are there two New World Orders in dialectical play, one Dark, one Light? And if so, should we opt out of both?

Me? I much prefer DE-CENTRALIZATION to either polarized version of a new, centralized world order.

This video, sent to me by a friend who prefers to remain unnamed, is the clearest and most comprehensive description of what actually might be occurring during this climactic period in his-story. And P.S., if “Probably Alexandra” is correct, then it’s “the military,” not Trump, that’s in charge, with Trump chosen by the military to play his role — a point of view not unfamiliar to me. And furthermore, either “re-set,” according to Probably Alexandra, whether by the nasty cabal or benevolent Nesara/Gesara (as promulgated by Santa Surfing, Charlie Ward, and many others) bears, even so, one of the two centralized “world-order” signatures.

While the new Light World Order may look good in comparison to the long-planned just about completed Dark World order, please remember, any world order that values itself above the sovereignty of the individual human being is bullshit!

We are not here to be “saved.” We are here, each of us, to dare to express ourselves fully into the world. If everyone did this, just imagine what would happen next! As each of us follows our own unique nature, Nature herself morphs to support our unfolding. Each human being is a potent seed of immense possibility, lying in wait, to be tapped by the sovereign soul.

As each seed opens, just imagine — pop, pop, pop!— fission! nuclear! a chain reaction, as potent explosions of individual celebratory magnificence support and ignite each other in glory.

Some of us — more and more of us! — are there now, in concert with others, continuously expressing our unique sovereign souls into the world. We are here to support and encourage, sometimes with a gentle kick in the butt, other times with a kind word, a muffled, masked smile, those who still think they need to be saved.

In order to really grok what this particular video is about, we need to see the global play being conducted in 3D from this higher 5th dimensional point of view. Otherwise, we get confused. So let’s not get confused, eh?

I plan to watch more videos from Probably Alexandra, even though I see at the very end of this one that she sees the finale of the momentous 2020 world drama as the return of Jesus Christ. That’s her bias. Jesus as savior once again? Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather yank my mind wide open, and ask my sovereign soul to help it stay there.

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  1. Teri Gilmore says:

    I think she sees it as the return of Christ Consciousness not the man.

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