Pluto and ELECTIONGATE: Mathematical Analyses Demonstrate Voter Fraud

For those who have not been hijacked by their amygdalas, and so still capable of reason,  and yet are still wondering, even after absorbing this post, whether or not the fraud in this 2020 election was just sketchy and peripheral or indeed central and crucial, threatening to vitiate the election altogether, I offer another post to chew on, this one mathematical.

Remember: if the election was stolen, and if evidence coming from all sides and in a number of dimensions proves it; and if we allow the Deep State, using the Democrats this time, to get away with massive unprecedented fraud, then the Rule of Law, and the Constitution of the United States that underlies it, is done. Finished. Caput.

The 248 year cycle of the planet Pluto governs the primal life force itself, generating birthing, living, and dying,  Pluto returns to the degree it occupied at this nation’s birth for the very first time during these next few years. Will the deathing (of our illusions as to how we are “governed,” our willful refusal to face facts — massive corruption, fueled by systematic blackmail, bribery, and massive child trafficking profits, generating war after war after war —) lead to the actual demise of this nation? Or shall we begin again, this time by using the underworld wealth of our Plutonian power, no longer to serve the PLUTO-cracy, but instead wisely, for the good of all, via the brilliant safeguards built by our founding fathers into the Constitution of the United States.

Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Election Was Stolen From Trump

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2 Responses to Pluto and ELECTIONGATE: Mathematical Analyses Demonstrate Voter Fraud

  1. Dawn Vierra says:

    Hi Ann. Thank you for all you do and share. I wanted to share with you this YT video that was posted by Florida Maquis yesterday that in very simple terms contrasted voter popu lk actions from 2016 and now 2020 and bbn the difference in population vs the actual voter counts. Holy moly. Its so clear. Heres the link

  2. UberKattt says:

    Now YOU are speaking my language!

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