Extensive compilation of VOTER FRAUD across the U.S.A.

How can anyone who actually paid attention to the vast differential between the many thousands who attended the multitudinous Trump rallies and the pathetically tiny numbers that attended the scarce Biden rallies actually believe what the mainstream media has just declared?

Isn’t this glaring spoof proof enough that the MSM is owned by the deep state and Democrat Party?

Oh, wait a minute. I must remember:  hatred of Donald Trump is so vitriolic that it doesn’t matter how he is deposed!

But if so, then the Constitutional Rule of Law is overturned, and the U.S.of A. is DOA.

Do check this out. Especially if you have folks who are beginning to maybe red pill themselves, SEND THIS TO THEM! Thanks to Sylvia for alerting me to it!

Overview of massive voter FRAUD, to steal the election

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  1. Stan says:

    Excellent catch, Ann. Thanks for the post. Very helpful to have a concise rundown of the fraud. The more info like this, the better to convince the judicial system that the fraud was extremely widespread and pervasive, not just sporadic and minuscule.

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