HEADS’ UP! Electronic Voting Hijacks our Elections; the Amygdala hijacks our Minds

I listened, yesterday afternoon, to one half of an hourlong video that I can no longer locate, a real shocker, letting me know that, not just “Dominion,” but ALL the electronic voting systems are both connected to the internet and easily hacked with many openings for fraud to occur. In other words, our elections have been hacked, one way or another, ever since these electronic systems were introduced in our elections. Hopefully, Trump’s ElectionGate 2020 will now, via various stings, reveal to the entire world why we cannot trust AI systems that we the people don’t understand, but instead, up until now, have foolishly trusted, with our votes — and our lives!

Not everyone has been fooled.

Last night I joined a zoom meet with my seven sibs, something we do every three weeks or so at this point. Last time we touched on the subject of vaccines, with most weighing in on how grateful they will be when a vaccine arrives. I, on the other hand, went ballistic. But then, that’s what they expect of me.

So last night, same thing, re: vaccines. But this time, one of my brothers’-in-law, husband of my dead sister and now newly married to a woman we only just met on zoom during lat night’s meeting, did not go ballistic, but instead, gave us a long, intricate, and very informed dissertation on hydroxychloroquine, and how it has been denigrated, despite its proven effectiveness. A healer herself, she had attended a seminar on the subject of HCQ a few months before Trump first mentioned it, in March. She also told me later that in Europe, until January 13th 2020, HCQ was sold over the counter. Wow! That’s exactly when the Saturn/Pluto conjunction was exact, and also happens to be exactly when “the virus” was introduced in the U.S.  Hmmm. . . Another rabbit hole. Care to climb down it?

I was SO glad she was with us, and of course, being polite in meeting a stranger for the first time, nobody interrupted her. Instead, I have a sense that they were shocked at her information, and several of them might even take it seriously.

Wow! A real ally, in the culture war, this war of world-views, that has split 3D reality into hostile camps. I basked in her energy, and called the two of them after the zoom call to express my thankfulness.

And, whoops! During our zoom call the subject of the election also came up, with most sibs expressing relief that “Biden has won.” I do have two sisters, and that same brother-in-law, who are pro-Trump; however, both sisters also must have believed mainstream media’s declaration that Biden has won, since they expressed the need for healing, reconciliation, etc., now that “the election is over.”

Of course I interjected, NOT SO FAST, FOLKS! And of course they didn’t hear me, chose to keep me in my place as the family fool.

One of my sisters then expressed extreme distaste for Trump, and started to go on and on about it, before several peace-loving sibs called a halt, said, okay, let’s not talk politics.

We started in on some other subject, when she suddenly broke in, and went utterly ballistic in her intense hatred for this president. Startled, shocked, really, all of us. She then accused me, said I must be really “warped.” As I listened to her rant, I could feel her extreme fury rise inside me as well. While I managed to remain silent and “keep my cool,” I was VERY aware of my own internal reaction, and frankly, found it alarming. If she and I can just about go nuclear, what about the rest of the families and friends in America, not to mention the the entire world where all eyes are on this nation’s historic election drama, that will decide the fate of the earth. Clearly, the fiery conflagration of Mars Retrograde is still strongly activated. Remember, Mars turns to go direct on November 13th, coming right up. And see this:

ASTROLOGY: Is the election morass not to finally clear up until November 12-15, with first, Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, then Mars SD, and finally, Scorpio New Moon?

BTW: Pre-Trump, this particular sister and I were close, quite close, our world-views not all that divergent. She’s the only sib, besides me, that’s single, and is another Sagittarius, so also very interested in “getting the big picture” on whatever is going on down here below. On the other hand, she and I discovered a few months ago, that the extreme differential between us now is mostly due to the sources we use. For example, she still relies on the New York Times, whereas I long ago switched to a wide range of alternative sources, focused these days, through my twitter feed. But that email conversation we had then, entirely civil in tone, was entirely eclipsed by her eruption against me last night. It was as if a demonic energy had suddenly invaded her, took her over.

Hey, just found a new descriptor for it. Rather than demonic invasion, let’s call it the Amygdala Hijack!

After our unsettling zoom meet, I came across a video that, again, I can no longer locate, but it was made by someone who pays attention to how Joe Rogan, deservedly the most famous interviewer in the world, manages to keep from being triggered, i.e., hijacked by his amygdala. This person identified five behaviors:

I. Rogan keeps his voice modulated, does not raise it to match the voice of anyone who wants to argue.

2. He keeps his body relatively still as well.

3. He doesn’t use ad hominem attacks.

4. He is genuinely interested in the other person’s point of view, wants to understand him or her, rather than argue.

5. He is a meditator: so is aware of his own ego.

Useful. I’ve got to work on the first point, because I DO tend to automatically raise my voice higher if the other person does.



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2 Responses to HEADS’ UP! Electronic Voting Hijacks our Elections; the Amygdala hijacks our Minds

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    What’s The Score Yogi?…. “It Ain’t Over Till The Fact Lady Sings”. https://tinyurl.com/yxcsalb6

    Protecting Our Republic

  2. thymia17 says:

    Perhaps the video you were looking for is between Russell Ramsland and Todd Wood. BTW, I’m not a Trump voter, in fact have believed for years in the duopoly.

    That video creeped me out, because the implication I get from it is foreign (European, i.e. Davos?) entities are involved in the software hacking, which I find quite plausible. Transnational entities would have reason to corrupt our election, but I doubt anyone else will ever acknowledge that.

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