Thomas Wictor and Joe M, two old twitter favorites, both brilliant, read-in, and with a bird’s eye view, weigh in on ELECTIONGATE

“This is a law enforcement issue for the sake of election integrity.”— Thomas Wictor

PLEASE DO watch this 12 minute video. I remember when Wictor was banned from Twitter. Very discouraging! Likewise Joe M, who came back a few weeks later under another name — only to be banned again, and so moved to Parler, from which he is sometimes quoted to twitter.

The problem is, never Trumpers, both Democrat and RINO, hate Trump so viscerally that they cannot see his 5D chess capacity. And even those who “love” Trump, want to see him as a big daddy savior, have no idea what what role he is playing on the world stage..

Actually, it’s quite understandable. Those who live only in 3D cannot recognize 5D.

Here’s the latest from Joe M:

Yeah, Masterpiece Theater, especially now that the MSM has just today declared Biden the winner. I have a feeling that this declaration had to be made before any new move in the  5D chess game.


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