ELECTION 2020: System Wide Stings and Massive Fraud

My suspicions were aroused yesterday when it appeared to me that the only source for the so-called sting involving Homeland Security printing all the paper to make ballots with an invisible watermark was Steve Pieczenik, whom I was tempted to call a CIA shill, but did not. Instead, I gave his academic qualifications, and wide range of government service. But still . . .

Something seemed off. Not sure what it is.

Then I saw this by Praying Medic:

Praying Medic may be right. On the other hand, I also saw this, yesterday. Apparently at least California ballots were printed with an invisible watermark!

Did other states follow suit? Especially the swing states?

Meanwhile, I got wind of another possible sting, this one involving the USPS. It appears that the Postal System got a patent for blockchain technology recently; also, that the head of the USPS was recently replaced. Hmmm .  . .

According to Charlie Ward and I presume others, due to its blockchain technology, the post office was able to identify and locate every single ballot that passed through its system, plus, identify those employees who were dumping Republican ballots.  In other words, a sting against its own employees!

Meanwhile, I imagine USPS employees have been warned that election fraud is a federal crime?

This social worker found out:

Are there going to be a bunch of USPS and other whistleblowers coming forward to confess their sins in exchange for a plea deal of some kind?

Now let’s turn to the strange scene in Michigan. This election malfeasance involves software. Here goes:

Glitch? Here’s Bill Binney on the subject. This was no glitch. This was a feature . . .

Turns out that 47 other Michigan counties also used this software with an algorithm that can reliably shift  up to 3% of the votes in either direction, according to Sydney Powell.

Yep. At least 30 states also used this same software.

Who owns Dominion Voting Systems, and in how man y “juristictions” was it employed in this election?

Finally, here’s a connection to the Clinton Foundation. Yuck.

The Delian Project: Democracy through Technology

Did you realize that ElectionGate is the 5th attempt at a coup d’etat by the Democrats?

P.S. I just found a post that includes much of what I discussed here:

The Watermark Sting




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  1. Proud Kamala supporter says:

    You lost. Get over it.

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