Steve Pieczenik Interview: Election Sting Details. Really?

Or are we being played . . . STAY ALERT!

Note: see yesterday’s post.

Is the 2020 election really a gigantic sting operation? According to Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a psychiatrist who focuses on interntional relations and has served in multiple U.S, administrations, it is. Yet when I search “election sting operation” online his interview seems to be the only one cited as a source. So who knows? However, it does “stand to reason,” if you assume, as I and many others do, that DJT plays 5D chess and is a long-time student of Lao Tzu’s The Art of War. Glancing through the various sites, I see the article by Natural News contains the necessary skepticism that, no matter how much we long for the sting theory to be true, we do need to entertain.

Okay. Mind open to the sting and who-knows-what other possibilities, let’s go on.

If Pieczenik is correct, then the “watermark” on all the authentic election ballots is so sophisticated that it can be traced, no matter what.

BREAKING: Intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik claims 2020 election was a “sophisticated sting operation” that has trapped the Democrats in the most massive criminal election fraud in history… details


Meanwhile, is already calling it

ELECTIONgate 2020

and does not mention Pieczenik as a source.

TRUMP TRAPS DEMOCRATS: Ingenious sting operation set in motion in 2017

Here’s an interesting twitter thread by War Clandestine that does not mention the watermark sting theory, but speaks of whatever is going on as necessary and important to help wake up more sheeple from their MSM induced trance. It begins:

“After patience and observation, I deduced how this phase of the plan is being executed and more importantly WHY it is being done this way.”

Finally, do check this out. Has Chrissy Stafford discovered the watermark on the ballot?


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3 Responses to Steve Pieczenik Interview: Election Sting Details. Really?

  1. Linda says:

    I totally believe this. This man is a former CIA agent. His credentials are a mile long. I can’t imagine him lying. Time will tell for sure.

  2. Nikolaus Peck says:

    The only way we can be certain is if what Pieczenik describes actually goes down, and we start hearing about it, even if only in bits and pieces, from the more “mainstream” media outlets, at a point where things have progressed so far that even they cannot completely ignore it. There can be no doubt of the massive fraud perpetrated in major urban areas of the battleground states, and, I suspect, in places like LA, NY and Chicago, where liberals had little reason to fear Republicans would carry those states. Corruption is a habit with big city Democrats. Cheating is the principal occupation of the political scumbag.

    What we can say with certainty is that Trump could not possibly have been unaware of the attempts by Democrats to sabotage his re-election; he gave countless warnings about long before November 3rd. He is on record as having pointed out during the 2012 election that what matters most is who COUNTS the votes, and we also know that he is not only intelligent, but an extremely cunning politician whose seemingly outrageous public antics and statements are more likely an act to fool certain people than they are a symptom of what liberals and RINOs purport to be his childish impetuosity. I can’t say for sure if all of this is true, but given their behavior since 2016 I have no reason to trust in the veracity of any of Trump’s political enemies. I was a cautious supporter of Trump in 2016, have never harbored any personal animosity toward the man, and have no respect whatever for people who DO hate him.

    I really want to believe that Pieczenik is correct, but I also think it’s important to know the difference between being hopeful and being naive. Let’s see what actually happens.

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