Is the 2020 Election a gigantic STING OPERATION?

That’s the scuttlebutt, as per my twitter feed. The Department of Homeland Security sent out authentic ballots with an invisible watermark on them. All other ballots — mail-in copies created by China or whoever else, will not have this watermark. Thus, the election fraud, ongoing likely by both Republicans and Democrats over the years, and concentrated now in the Democrats, will be revealed, stopped in its tracks, and the original thrust of this election, an overwhelming victory by DJT, will finally land with a resounding celebratory BOOM, or a horrifying calamatous crash, depending on which “side” of the great divide one happens to occupy.

And of course, the question is, then what? I heard that already piles of bricks are beginning to appear on city streets . . .

BTW: If my astrological prediction is correct, then we might call this interim stretch of unknowing, from 11/3 through 11/12, as the long predicted TEN DAYS OF DARKNESS.

Overview, from Joe M, as retweeted from Parler:

Both Q and Potus have been preparing us for this event, over and over again. “Is it the virus or the election?” How many times have we seen that question? Democrats wanted the election to be mostly mail-in ballots so, colluding with the medical mafia and the mainstream news, they ginned up a fake pandemic to keep us all fearful and at home, with fake mail-in ballots (as distinguished from authentic absentee ballots).

X22 report from last night is instructive:

Coup d’etat, Trump Sets Trap To Expose It All, Patriots Know The Playbook – Episode 2320


Just think, as Q has said, over and over again, these people are stupid. They must be stupid, to assume that even thinking Democrats would believe the following:

Rose, a longtime reader and commenter, sent this email to me today:

Hi Ann . . . if you are able to access Alex Bruce (Forbidden Knowledge), she shares good info this morning from Rudy G related to election fraud in mail-in voting.  I have researched penalties related to mail-fraud and the US Postal Service does not fool around . . . (prison and $250,000 maximum PER infraction). The US PostMaster General is now involved in the investigation.

RE: (within the article) . . . in one state 7 voters are older than the oldest human alive today and one of the seven was born in 1850 . . . (imagine the financial bombs if each fraudulent ballot is legally viewed as separate  as this exposure is just one among many.

RE:  PostMaster General . . . The office was created in conjunction with the birth of the nation and as such was (and is to this day) imbued with incredible power given the critical importance of communication at that point in time.   Ben Franklin was the first PostMaster General.

Remember, this latest attempted coup d’etat by the Democrats is occurring as the finale to the 2020 purgation drama of the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn behemoth which has been exposing formerly hidden malfeasance, on many levels, threaded throughout global society, poisoning our good will. Plus: this particular year just happens to be mere prelude to the (living/dying/resurrecting) Pluto Return drama gradually grinding to exactness for the very first time in the history of this country over the next few years. No wonder Dave, in the X22 Report above, calls what is going on now either the Birth of a New Nation, or the Rebirth of the Nation. Both. For we shall all be changed.

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3 Responses to Is the 2020 Election a gigantic STING OPERATION?

  1. Marlene says:

    Thanks for your post. It gives me hope. Have been stricken w angst since Tues night.

  2. Jodi Michael Horner says:

    My big lack of confidence is only partly in that the media is going bat-scheist crazy over Biden’s supposed victory. I’m shaken in that Trump is losing his mind! Tweeting out crazy stuff impulsively, it seems. I want to believe he’s got this under control but he’s not really acting like it.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      And yet, seemingly relaxed, he went golfing yesterday. I do think this entire thing is a show, as Q has told us many times.

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