My two favorite psychics, on the election morass: Magenta Pixie and Utsava — plus the Uranian Trump Card

I trust both these women way more than I pay attention to the shifting sands of the rest of my twitter feed during this first fraught “post-election” day. Both are very sure of themselves and their information. As am I, as an astrologer. (See last post.)

P.S. Remember the Full Moon sitting on top of both transit Uranus and Trump’s Midheaven (the path)? Well, remember that slow moving, volatile Uranus has been sitting on his steadying Taurus MC since late October (and the ramping up of multitudinous massive rallies) for the second time. The first time was in May, 2020, when he decided to re-open the U.S. economy, despite media and medical mafia’s dire warnings. Now retrograde, Uranus will back up from 8° to 6°43 Taurus, and then turn to go direct just prior to the Inauguration, on January 14, 2021. From there it will cross his MC again one final time in early March.

Trickster Trump, remember, always has his Uranian trump card which, as of this date, he has not felt the need to play. Given that his Gemini Sun was conjunct Uranus at birth, he is at his best in situations that seem scarily unpredictable to everyone else. The man is a Uranian wizard.

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1 Response to My two favorite psychics, on the election morass: Magenta Pixie and Utsava — plus the Uranian Trump Card

  1. rose day says:

    Hi Ann . . . thanks much for this share. Given how topsy turvy the universe seems at this time, the present political scene feels like more of the surreal is greatly upon us.

    It does appear that at the proverbial 11th hour, Donald Trump somehow manages to pull the rabbit out of the hat. (I well remember the late night chat wherein we were worried that War with Syria was on the horizon and President Trump kept his word.

    He is a bombastic force of nature yet he has come through on campaign promises in many instances . . .
    * The US is not presently engaged in War.
    * US trade deals no longer leave the US with the short end of the stick.
    * In spite of Covid 19 the US economy is functioning.
    * He is the only US president to officially address human trafficking and abuse.
    * He has played a major role in Peace initiatives worldwide.
    * Illegal immigration has been stemmed.
    * Effective prison reform has been initiated.

    The list is a partial account of his first term which was also spent fending off state-side illegal impeachment proceedings and an openly biased media that has undermined his
    presidency since before his inauguration.

    I am looking forward to the next magic trick.

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