November 3, 2020, morning tweet themes: Changing (sides), Cheating, and 3D/5D Chess

I sit here, checking my twitter feed, with my bedroom/study door closed. Unusual to have door closed, unless I’m napping. So why? Because, once again, my new housemate is making calls to get out the vote for Biden, and I am privy to every word. Her voice resounds through the walls of my room next to hers. At least this way it’s a bit muffled. Glad it’s the final day.

I continue to see this household as a tiny fractal of the divided national psyche. But, what I DO notice: it appears that an unusually large percentage of people who have never voted plan to vote this year. Plus: many former Democrats are switching sides. I got this info from multiple tweets at Trump’s ginormous, dancing, far-as-the-eye-can-see red-hatted rallies, where apparently, attendees were polled.

Here’s a typical tweet from this morning:




She’s referring to Thomas Sowell, who is a national treasure.

Oh, and ME, TOO. I used to be an Independent who voted mostly Democratic. Checked the box for Jill Stein in 2016, just to spite HRC who, until I read Cathy O’Brien’s astonishing memoir, Trance Formation of America, I considered a role model. Now I consider myself an Independent who, this time, voted mostly Republican.

After my walk with puppy Shadow this morning, a neighbor stopped by with his two dogs, one of whom, rat terrior “Flash,” is bonkers in love with Shadow, and even more, likes to head straight into the house, which, luckily had the door closed. He made it onto the porch before being corralled.

As the neighbor was leaving, he offered, mournfully, “Keep your fingers crossed. I guess we’ll know by tonight.”

“Yep,” I responded, noncommittal, recognizing by his attitude how he thinks, and thus how he votes.

Meanwhile, the predicted voter fraud is beginning to be noted:

Ever heard of the Hammer?

But you know what? I think we’ve got this. Though it may take awhile to start to sort itself out  (until, say, Mars turns from Retrograde to Direct, November 15th). Meanwhile, Mars retrograde can signify implosions, to be expected from all the leftist, Antifa, Soros-funded, globalist-puppet, college-educated two-year-olds whose fury will spark tantrums even bigger than this summer’s “mostly peaceful” destructive riots in Democratic-controlled cities across the U.S.

Oh yeah. And when the predicted Trump landslide occurs, they’re already planning to call it the “Red Mirage,” and will, of course, contest it with the 600 attorneys clone Biden’s handlers have at the ready.

And yet:

The hammer . . . (see above).

Looking down on this embattled earth plane on November 3, 2020, from high, high above:



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