“Red October” begins, and ends, with exquisitely timed intensity.

Today is the first day of November, following Red October, something Q’s anons have been anticipating eagerly for three years now, given the various Q posts such as “Rig for Red,” which have long accompanied the Q info stream.

Red October has been identified with the movie, Hunt for Red October, if you recall, starring Sean Connery.

Okay. How did this month begin?

It began withTrump signaling, at 12:54 AM, October 2, 2020, that he and Melania had tested positive for Covid —

— which as we know now, initiated an intense three-day news cycle ending with Trump’s triumphant return from Walter Reed hospital, having not just beat the CV, but his three day “death and resurrection” drama, if indeed he actually had the CV, seemed to re-energize him. And that energy has been growing exponentially all month long. Now, can you believe, 17 rallies on the schedule for the three days leading up to election Tuesday?

One of yesterday’s rallies, in Butler, Pennsylvania was over the top . . .

Oh but wait, what has happened in the meantime, during Red October: well, the biggest news was the stunning panorama involving Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden, via details on and perspective on what Giuliani named the #BidenFamilyCrime drama — not just evidence from inside the famous laptop, but including unusually credible whistleblower Bobulinski, and more laptops coming apparently — all extraordinary news which, of course, the left-wing propaganda MSM refused to cover, thus outing themselves, more glaringly than ever, as fake news.

But it’s the ending of red October that was truly spectacular. Not only the huge rallies, see above, but two more utterly remarkable events.

  1. Hunt for Red October star Sean Connery died! At 90 years old, overnight, October 30 to 31st.
  2. Another Q proof put the icing on the Q cake, just past the three year anniversary. This was a three-year delta: Whew! The timing! Exquisite! And here we are, November 1, 2020. I will stop now to do another post. Will discuss the numerology of this date, 11/1/2020.


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  1. rose day says:

    Ann . . . note the color of the sky-line at the October 31 rally in Butler PA.

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