Re: yesterday’s astrology post: one more BOOM puts it over the top!

I know time has already moved us lightyears beyond yesterday, but remember this post?

THESE THREE DAYS: Blue Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus conjunct Uranus followed by helio Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius

Well, I received a very welcome comment soon after it was published yesterday, but which, damn! has disappeared! In any case, whoever it was (can’t even remember his name) said that I had forgotten to connect the Full Moon chart with Trump’s chart: THE MIDHEAVEN!

And yes, if you use the corrected chart, which I am inclined to use:

Then yesterday’s October 31st Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus conjunct Uranus sits exactly upon Trump’s Midheaven and vertical meridian. BINGO!

The Midheaven features what one is here for: the path, one’s purpose. This singular man, as a personage, as what Charlie Freak is now calling an “archangel,” is here to shock (Uranus) the formerly solid earth (Taurus) loose. Nothing less. The cultural and political ground from under us, full of solidified gunk from all the corruption and spoilation of decades, even centuries, has quaked wide open, and we the people, are eventually, to be the beneficiaries.



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