THESE THREE DAYS: Blue Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus conjunct Uranus followed by helio Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius

Even more than usual, big happenings on earth are mirrored in the heavens — to the point where I find it difficult NOT to think there might be “divine choreography” involved. 

Today’s rare, because Blue, Full Moon, at 8°31 in Scorpio/Taurus —


— just happens to occur on Halloween, the day of the year when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest, AND, this powerful Full Moon just happens to conjunct, exactly, Uranus in Taurus; all three planets at 8°+ which translates to 9° of the Sabian symbols, which in this case is, A CHRISTMAS TREE, DECORATED.

I invite us all to ponder the meaning of this symbol. What are each of us, what are we all together, and what is the whole world getting for Christmas this year?

Meanwhile, remember, outer planet Uranus takes 84 years to move through a complete cycle of the zodiac, which makes its course through one sign seven years. Seven years, for volatile, unpredictable, earthshaking Uranus to move through earthy, grounded, security-oriented, stubborn Taurus. This “blue” (because the second in the same month) full moon will illuminate earthshaking events and emotions that are ripping out the foundations of all that we have taken for granted: personally, locally, nationally, globally. Taurus governs what we most value, which, in this society, usually translates to money. Thus, I sense that behind the scenes, something is going on that returns value to actual 3D reality, by shifting fiat currency (based on literally nothing) to gold, or an equivalent, thus rendering it again, real, in the Taurean sense of material, of and from matter.

Today’s Halloween Full Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus also just happens to precede by only two days the (sun-based) heliocentric conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 1°49 Aquarius —


— on November 2, the very eve of the November 3rd election. Meaning: on a “higher” solar system level, the Aquarian Age actually begins November 2, just prior to the most consequential election in history, and not, thanks to the conjunction with Uranus, without tremendous upheaval! Expect the unexpected, on every level. Expect the ground to be shaken out from under me, you, us, leaving the whole world changed.

The tropical (earth-based) conjunction of these two planets, does not occur, remember, until December 21, Winter Solstice, at 0°25 Aquarius. For nearly two months, we will be experiencing the final purging of the old world, old values, old corruption, deception, wars, slavery, blackmail, bribery, including “crimes against humanity” (pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice). The painful Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in traditional Capricorn excavation of the ancient horrific gunk that has been clogging up the collective unconscious mind, and which we have been undergoing and witnessing, while masked, muffled, and distanced, during this entire 2020 year so that we may begin to see clearly, with 2020 vision, is not done. The finale begins NOW. But meanwhile, thanks to the heliocentric conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, the Aquarian vibration will already have been ignited, on a subtle level, here on Earth, as these next two months play out.

Notice, by the way, that in the heliocentric conjunction chart, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction closely squares Mars at 2° Taurus. From a heliocentric perspective, Mars has already left Aries for Taurus, and so signifies a gradual dampening of the rage and fury that has hallmarked this year, most obviously since the riots and burning began in cities across the U.S. On the other hand, the helio Mars in Taurus square to the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is fueling a tremendous struggle over values as the Aquarian age begins. BTW: Uranus governs the sign of Aquarius.

What is really real? We’re about to find out.



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  1. Sheri Budreau says:

    Bring on the healing! The golden rule rocks our story – King Midas realized his folly too late, yet it’s not too late for humanity to do the right thing, let love rule, and go vote!

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