ARKCroneCast offerings for October 31, 2020. Audio: first part of “Doing the Dishes”; Video: FEAR, and the mind/body connection

Today’s Patreon exclusive is the first recording from the next book offering, DOING THE DISHES: Refracting Personal History Through the Lens of Daily Ritual, written in 1989

CroneCast #46 || Doing The Dishes: Introduction & Chapters 1 thru 6 || The 1960s

Description: As one who has led an unusually peripatetic life, I have done the dishes in so many sinks, from primitive to sophisticated, that I lost count long ago. But why remember? Well, one can use this or any other daily ritual, and its likely drifting shifts over time, to gain perspective on one’s own evolutionary changes. Standing there, on a daily basis and year by year, in front of successive sinks and during which daily moods and concerns preoccupy the mind and ricochet off the silverware, can yield, when viewed altogether and as a process, vignettes of various sizes that map provocative arcs of meaning over time.


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CroneCast #43 | FEAR, and the Mind/Body Connection

Description: I thought I was done with FEAR (see CroneCasts #20, #21, #24, and #25), but NO! Since FEAR still courses through the collective, though waning — I just had to do another video on the subject. This one a story relating the personal origins of my changed relationship my own body, plus a four-fold approach to life that can help put the body/mind complex in a larger perspective, from 3D to multi-D: “to me,” “by me,” “through me,” and “as me.”


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