Sleepless wanderings at 2 AM: Magenta Pixie and Jared Kushner! HUH?

I don’t know about you, but I am having a VERY difficult time staying asleep each night for more than two or possibly three hours at a time. Between the cat and the dog and my own blazing psyche, all of them wanting in and out ad nauseam, by morning, I can truthfully say that “the night was as long as the day.”

I’m reminded of both times as a new mom, with a nursing baby that had to be fed every two to three hours. And there is a new, political/cultural/spiritual baby being born now, we all know it: the labor pains have been excruciating. This week, as we head towards November 3, only 8 days away, we reach the final phase of panting, pushing out that child of ours, the one we created with all our thoughts and actions and institutions, over many decades, at least since World War II — without realizing it, most of us. The blood and gore spilled during this delivery will be prodigious. It will be a “difficult birth.”

Viewing humanity as a whole, as one single, enormous, pulsing organism, all unconsciously longing for each other and yet separated by “masks” and “social distancing,” the various parts of our pulsing whole thinking they are are split off, separate from, and fearing/hating all the others, we come together now as one body which has been purging enormous amounts of swampy shit out into the light as we endure the spectacle that the most consequential U.S. election in world history presents, and the outcome of which will herald either the birth of a brand new age or a stillborn child, dead on arrival.

Given this tense, roiling atmosphere, this jarring, stormy frequency heavy with meaning, with significance, with values run amuck; this multidimensional tsunami of cascading energies all emerging through one tiny hole in human(ity’s) being, who are the players? I focus today on two of them, seemingly utterly disparate, and both at work behind the scenes, whose new videos I discovered at 2 AM early this morning and listened, rapt, for nearly two hours before falling asleep again — only to be swakened 20 minutes later by the cat wanting to come in again — on and on! Luckily, I get to bed early (and listen to the X22 Report).

First, Magenta Pixie, she who “channels” The Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine and to me, speaks truth, a multidimensional Truth beyond the ears of most people alive, but decidedly, luminously resonant. Notice, by the way, that “the Nine” speak of moving into the Aquarian Age, which, as I and other astrologers have pointed out, begins on Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020, when Jupiter (12 year cycle) and Saturn (29.5 year cycle) magically just happen to reach 0° Aquarius together, conjunct for the first time in 35 years, on the most sacred day of the annual cycle, when the Sun reaches its most endarkened moment, to launch its journey towards greater illumination with each passing day.

Okay. Enough of that airy-faerie world of multidimensional uplift! Now let’s focus on the nitty-gritty; let’s fall back into the political/cultural push/pull of the 3D world and listen to  Jared Kushner, who with this interview, thanks to Ben Shapiro’s precise, thoughtful questions, finally showed me who he is, what he has been about all this time, and why his father-in-law trusts him, gives him seemingly impossible tasks, and knows that he will reframe them in a way that echoes what Einstein once said:

Kushner speaks here of two peace deals in the mideast. That was last week. Two more have been signed since!




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