Imagine DUMBS: A Honey-Combed Earth?

Remember this post? From August, 2011, during the very first year of

D.U.M.B. and dumber: Deep Underground Military Bases

Nearly ten years later, each time I hear more about Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) and tunnels that connect them, my mind continues to be blown further open. If you are interested in this subject, check out the videos by Gene Decode, who apparently has more real? info than anyone.

Just searched for recent news from him, and came upon this:

This post features a video that, wouldn’t you know, has been removed (censored?), but the info underneath it is exceptionally astonishing. True?

I remember Dr. Steven Greer, a well-known UFO researcher, at one of the UFO Conferences I used to attend, saying that the real secrets relating to UFO and Military are not on the surface; instead, look Above, in the skies, (Hmmm: “Space Force”?) or Below, underground (DUMBS and tunnels). That remark stuck with me.

I keep thinking that, if it’s true that the DUMBs, and tunnels that connect them, are everywhere, deep below the earth at various levels, then the Earth must be carved out, both naturally through caves, and man made — maglev trains (for tunnels), neutron bombs? (for bases, which can be as large as cities) into a honeycomb. So I searched for Earth as a honeycomb, and wouldn’t you know, this:


Then, I had just “scratched the surface” of the above site when I decided to dig even further down.

If you really want to go “deep” into this massively-interconnected-at-all-sorts-of-levels rabbit hole, check this out:

Deep Underground Military Bases Hidden by Hollywood

Now why, you might ask, did I veer off from the 10-days-to-the-most-important-election-in-history that has all of humanity sitting on the edge of its seat with popcorn, mesmerized by continuous breaking news of Hunter Biden videos that show young girls in sexual scenes?

Because, today I heard about a young female friend who, to build up a nest egg, is working temporarily on an Oregon farm for the marijuana harvest. She is exhausted, she tells a young male friend here by cell phone. Works 10 to 12 hours a day for $15/hour cash, no days off.

“And,” she laments, ” there’s no way to get cardio exercise!”

“How about taking a day off and riding your bike?” he asks.  (She had strapped her bike to her car for the drive to Oregon.)

“I can’t.” She said matter-of-factly. “This place is known for human trafficking.”


He told me about this conversation this morning. I said, “What town?”

“Cave Junction.”

Me: “I bet there’s a DUMB there.”

Which set me off down the rabbit hole. And yes, there is a “suspected DUMB” nearby.



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