HELP! I’m in way over my head! One more post on the 1, 2, 0 discovery . . .

Neptune in oceanic Pisces appears to have drowned me in my figuring . . .

Neptune in oceanic Pisces appears to have drowned me in my figuring . . .

Please bear with me!

This is the third in what has turned out to be a three-part series (see this and this) on my sudden fascination with the prevalence of the numbers zero, one, and two, as found in the sequence of a three day period, ending with today’s date, 10.22.2020.

In the first post on this subject, yesterday, 10.21.20, I noticed some aspects of the numerology of  these three October 2020 days; in the second post, also from yesterday, 10.21.2020, I found myself flooded with more 2020 dates, all exhibiting the same three numbers, zero, one, and two, finding they dominate not one, but two three day periods in fully five months: the first two — January (1st month) and February (2nd month) and the final three October (10), November (11) and December (12) months of three sequential years: 2020, 2021, and 2022 — for a total of 90 days during which I speculated that events, both inner and outer, would prove to be pivotal in the transformation of our moribund materialist 3D culture to what some have called 5D unification, leading to peace on earth, due to our gradual learning that we can inhabit the space between and within all polarities, recognizing them not as contradictions, but as paradoxes, and thus moving from left brain dominance (which usually ignores the right brain) to inhabit the right brain which then, utilizes the left brain, when necessary, to “get stuff done.”

As for outer “events” which coincide with certain dates;

Notice: that the beginning of this series, January 10-12, 2020 and January 20-22, 2020, coincided with the beginning of the Covid uproar, with the first patient diagnosed in Washington state on January 20, 2021. 

Notice: that the astrology of 2020 dovetails with the first January 10-12 period: the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn reached exactness for the first time in 35 years on January 12! Only four days later the impeachment trial of Donald Trump began in the Senate.

If anyone is interested, I would love to see others dig for more “outer events” with ramifying significance that relate to the 0,1,2  series, two each in January and February 2020, as well, plus October 10-12, and of course, NOW, this three day period, October 20-22, which alerted me to this 0,1,2 significance in the first place!  And, if someone would like to look at what happens November 10-12, and November 20-22; likewise for December?

As for the particular sequence of each series:

Notice: the first series of each of the five months during these three years — days 10, 11, and 12, contains a master number as the middle day: the 11, known as “the visionary,” operating as a mediator between the first and third days?

Notice: the second series of each of the five months during these three years — 10, 21, and 22, contains the master number 22 as the third and final day: 22, known as “the builder,” signifies culmination! And, yes, do note: on this final, master number 22 day of the second series of October, Amy Coney Barrett is headed for final Senate confirmation as the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States. (If that does not happen, we’ll need to look at Mercury Rx (until November 3) and Mars Rx (until November 15).

Notice: This November, the second series, one month from now, has the date November 22, 2020, as culmination. This just happens to be the anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Will there be culminating events November 20 and 21, presaging that date? For example the outing of JFK Jr. as a member of the Trump administration, perhaps even as the Vice-President? See Utsava’s latest video.

And finally, notice: This December, the second series, 20-21-22, contains the Winter Solstice, December 21, which just so happens to feature the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn at 0° Aquarius, and which one might consider the real beginning of the Aquarian Age. Then December 22, another “culmination” date, might it contain events that make what happened on the Solstice obvious to the public at large?

So much else to uncover/discover/explore/experiment with using these two three-day periods, during each of five months, for these three years! I’m especially fascinated with the idea of looking at each of the two three day periods of each of the five months of each of the three years as a series. And remember, it’s not just public events, and their series, but personal events, and their series, that may be worthy of investigation.

But I’ll just leave this complex subject — which is way over my little head — with a declaration: I’d say that it’s no doubt that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction during the first  10,11,12 series of January 2020 ignited the cultural transformation that will be seeded into the collective unconscious of humanity through the end of 2022.

Three years in which to incorporate/integrate/unite the thrusting Above/Below phallic brilliance of the Father (the 1) with the loving pregnant rounded fullness filling and fueling all of space of the Mother (the 2), both inside the new mathematics where zero (0), is no longer a mere marker, or null point setting mechanical algorithms and AI in motion, but instead signifies emptiness, inside each polarity, and within all of creation. We live inside the mystery of zero. Which means: zero is “not” (naught) in essence something we can isolate, signify, and pretend to operate upon, as so-called masters of the universe.

Three in one. Mother, in union with the Father, create the Child: The New Trinity, the New Culture beyond Polarity:  PEACE ON EARTH,

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