10/20/2020! Where does Trump get his superhuman energy? And why does he need it, especially NOW? And will the election be postponed?

In this video from 2016, actor Jon Voight, one of the unusual folks in Hollywood who are not rabid leftists (another is Kirstie Alley, on Hannity today), speaks of his experience through the years of  DJT’s unusual personality, as well as his extraordinary energy. As the title of this video puts it, Trump is Not An Act. He really does love people.

Given that Trump has been cheerleading two or even three enormous, rousing, marathon airport rallies each day during this now not even two-week run-up to what may be the most important election in all of human history, I wonder if the near superhuman energy he is showing at this critical turning point in history is in part inspired by what he knows that the rest of us don’t know.

I am not speaking here, of the onslaught of Red October revelations re: Biden pedophilia and torture, pay-to-play schemes, bribery, Ukraine, China, blackmail, Benghazi, Seal Team Six, corrupt HRC, Obama, Congress, alphabet agencies, and so many many more — timed to drop like flies NOW with attempted deflective fly swats from rabid anti-Trump leftist media and politicos shouting, as usual, “Russia Russia Russia!” No. I’m speaking about the coming rollout of the “digital currency” But what kind of digital currency?  According to youarefree.tv,  if we wish to not just save the Republic, but to avoid what the central bankster cabal, utilizing and buttressed by the medical mafia, has planned for the whole world; given his unusual business experience and acumen, plus his complex understanding of how to reframe and bypass what the New World Order has in mind for us, Trump simply MUST be re-elected. This video is an eye-opener.

But: I do wonder: will there be a November surprise? Will this storied election even be held, at least on time, November 3? What if Biden has to drop out, overwhelmed by the onrushing  tsunami scandal? What happens to the millions upon millions of already mailed-in ballots, both absentee and fake? Won’t they be rendered invalid? Which makes me wonder: will the election be postponed until after Mars turns to go direct, on November 15. And then, will it be quantum, using block-chain technology, as Charlie Ward has said. Charlie also talks about the new digital currency, but what kind, I wonder, given the info from youarefree.tv above.

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4 Responses to 10/20/2020! Where does Trump get his superhuman energy? And why does he need it, especially NOW? And will the election be postponed?

  1. Siri Johnson says:

    I stopped listening since I don’t give energy to what I don’t want to create. I know of the plan which is being led by Trump and the Alliance to free earth from cabal control. What I understood at the beginning of the Trump presidency was that he was recruited by the White Hats to run as he had the abilities required to reveal what the cabal/dark hats planned for the world…and to end that. Then the Republic would be restored with corrupt ones removed worldwide as Trump steps aside returning to his personal life. An interim government would be established while new free elections would be held in 90 days or 120, after federal indictments remove those guilty of crimes against humanity.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I agree with you in general, here; also keep my focus on what I intend to happen. And yet, I also don’t want to assume that all the bases are always covered, because who knows? So, setting a clear intention, while simultanteously recognizing danger signals as we go forward. A hard balance to keep, but seems wise.

  2. Constance says:

    The video is not viewable.

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