ARKCroneCast Offerings for October 17, 2020: patreon video and free audio, both reflections on the aging process

Today’s audio offering for Patreon subscribers is the final chapter of My Secret Life: Ten Tools for Transformation of the Self.

CroneCast #42 | Chapter 16, Death Part III: What Matters? On Age, Aging, and Agelessness

[Note: Ten Tools will soon be offered as an ebook publication and the entire audio series as a collection for downloading! We’ll announce these offerings at a later date. Thanks to everyone for their generous support of Ann’s work. It supports my production arts, too! ~ Gabrielle]


This week’s FREE video, on Patreon this week and for Youtube subscribers:

CroneCast #41 || Life in This Body, Part I: Teeth, Gums, Bone

Description: I look at three difficult phases in my life, all regarding my mouth, each offering gifts: 1) childhood, nine years old, braces — and independence!; 2) adult drama — failed attempts to control a “bad man” took its toll on my mouth and taught me the mind/body connection; 3) this (Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter) year’s crone drama, teaching me to truly “live from the inside out,” (Saturn symbolizes teeth, bone, stuck situations; Pluto symbolizes rotting, purgation; Jupiter enhances the effects of both.)

Not fun! But necessary, and inevitable.



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