Sunshine this week on deep dark matters: Benghazi, Seal Team 6, blackmail, bribery . . .

The Sun shines brightly this week on corruption so vile as to not be believed: transit Sun opposed transit Mars square Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto (see this and this).

Aside from the riveting ACB confirmation process —

what has come to light in the past few days, and is all over twitter, if you don’t happen to be on twitter, are stunning revelations via a new CIA whistleblower, Allen Harrow Parrot (who looks and dresses like a wizard) that connect all sorts of dots re: an enormous bribery/murder/perjury/treason corruption saga involving Clinton, Biden, Obama, Brennan and others, that led to most of Seal Team 6 that supposedly killed Osama bin Ladin being murdered in their helicopter via a Stinger missile with a serial number tracing back to the CIA. The Stinger itself was part of the arms cache funneled from Libya to Syria through Benghazi.

According to this new whistleblower, who has had 20 years experience in the Middle East, Osama Bin Laden was alive, hiding in Iran. Then, at the request of the U.S.,  Iran moved him to Pakistan, where then Killery decided to take him out, and sent Seal Team 6 to do the job.  (Obama was informed about the operation only after Seal Team Six was on its way? Saw that somewhere, can no longer find). But the man they killed was a double, Iran having withdrawn Bin Ladin back to Iran just before the Seal Team 6 arrived. Since they killed the wrong man, they were instructed to dump the body parts over the Hindu Kush mountains, which they did. Then, of course, they knew they were toast, because they knew that Hillary knew that the guy Obama had supposedly had killed as a much lauded trophy in the lead-up to his hoped for re-election was not bin Ladin. Furthermore, many of the team’s relatives blamed Joe Biden for spilling their identities. Reportedly, some Seal Team 6 even made out new wills (saw that somewhere, can no longer find), before 17 of them plus 6 others of their group were unceremoniously assassinated by that Stinger missile.

Apparently, the 150 billion credit line Obama presented to Iran supposedly as part of the the Iran deal, plus the 2.5 billion (or was it 1.5?) in cash on pallets sent there was in response to Iran’s threats to out the truth about Seal Team 6’s supposed take-out of Osama Bin Laden. Moreover, that 1.5 billion in cash was supposedly sent to pay out bribes to keep quiet American politicos who knew the truth about the operation.

Then came Benghazi. Killery just had to wipe them all out in order to cover up the entire  horrifying imbroglio that she set in motion. One of many?

My question: Is Osama bin Ladin still alive?

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