Astrology of the ACB Confirmation Process

Note: Please see my post for October 9, as preface to today’s post.

I began writing this post as the clock struck 9 AM, and what strikes me about the chart for this confirmation process is the extreme power located at the horizontal Ascendant/Descendant axis (set for 9 AM; the Ascendant, measuring the earth’s rotation around its own axis, moving one degree every four minutes): the Ascendant at 9° Scorpio conjunct Mercury at 11° Scorpio, opposed to Uranus at 10° Taurus, itself exactly conjunct the 10° Descendant.

In other words, deep, dark, emotional, shocking (Uranus) communication (Mercury)will define the atmosphere during this week-long hearing

Powerful, dark, determined forces liesin wait for Amy Coney Barrett (Mercury in Scorpio), designed to dredge up ugly stuff from below (Scorpio) and thereby blow the confirmation out of the water (Uranus).

But blow it in which direction? Will the fact that she and her husband adopted two children from Haiti segue into disclosure of the Clinton Foundation’s evil deeds in Haiti?

I see ACB herself as represented in this chart by the Moon at 20° Leo, only three degrees from exact conjunction to the Midheaven. Undoubtedly the star of this senatorial drama, Leo is a very steady, very stable sign.

What has struck me all along is that ACB is not an egocentric maniac, which she certainly could be, given lifelong accolades that have been lavished upon her, not to mention her unusual, and seemingly effortless, success in navigating the demands of both her legal career and family life with seven children, two of them adopted from Haiti, and the youngest with special needs..

Remember, ACB is an Aquarian, a fixed air sign. Her views are strong, possibly unusual, and arrived at via her own thinking process; while she may at times change her mind, it’s not because others have influenced her, but because she herself decided to make the change. At the highest level, Aquarius is here to participate in a group process with equals; she is not here just to blow her own horn, as Aquarius’s opposite, Leo, might do.

Her natal Sun, at 7° Aquarius closely squares (90°), and thus sets up a fixed sign T-cross, with the Scorpio/Taurus Ascendant/Descendant axis of this hearing, and what occupies it, Mercury and Uranus. And though her own natal chart does not exhibit the nasty, undermining, subterranean themes of today’s hearing (Mercury, Uranus, Ascendant/Descendant in Scorpio/Taurus) she is personally well-equipped to illuminate  whatever dark themes are excavated, exposing them to the light of day (Sun in Aquarius).

But remember, given that during this entire second half of 2020, transit Mars squares the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto behemoth, lit up this very week one and only one time by the Libran Sun opposing Mars and squaring Jupiter/Saturn Pluto from the other side, this hearing will be remembered overall for its fiery friction, pitting individual freedom (Aries) against “the law” (Capricorn). And in this arena, ACB is perhaps better equipped than anyone, given that her natal Mars (21° Aries) is in a near-exact conjunction with transit Mars (22° Aries)!

Furthermore, ACB’s natal Mercury, at 24° Capricorn, sits inside the degree area that the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn stellium has been crossing and recrossing. Which also means that her Mercury is square to her Mars: in other words, she is no stranger to strong argument, and can not only work with whatever they decide to throw at her, but possibly to dissolve it. Why do I say this?

The position of Venus in the start chart of the hearing is interesting, at 11° Virgo, mediating (via harmonious trine and sextile) the strong opposition between Scorpio and Taurus on the Ascendant/Descendant axis. Again, viewing ACB’s chart, her own Venus at 14° Pisces, directly opposes today’s transit Venus.

It may be that she and others can use detailed analysis to bring the subterranean (Scorpio) themes not only to the surface, but to show how they have infected the atmosphere within which humanity lives, and even, to begin to dispell them in an ocean of compassion. In other words, I’m counting on the watery aspects of ACB’s chart to come to bear in this hearing, her Moon in Cancer, her Venus in Pisces, both to help put the watery Scorpio depths in familiar and familial contexts people can recognize in their own lives.

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