As we head into the whirlwind of the final weeks of the most significant presidential election in U.S. history . . .

Check this out. At around the 2 minute mark, an astrologer in 2017 talks about 2020, focusing on especially October 13, 2020, a date he says he randomly picked, when yes, the Sun will exactly oppose Mars and square Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto, as discussed here:

Notes on Amy Coney Barrett’s astrology: Is she “up” for next week’s nomination drama?

This astrologer goes on to say that he thinks the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020 will herald the beginning of the end of nation states. I guess he didn’t reckon on Trump’s plan to encourage nationalism for all nation states, make them all great again, together forming a powerful Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter bulwark against the hegemonic New World Order that would destroy them all.

The above video sent to me by Sylvia, dear permie friend long returned to Europe from her family’s temporary nest in Green Acres neighborhood, along with another video, this one with a very different mood. LOVE IT ! Thanks Sylvia!

BTW: I noticed that this second video was put out in March 2011, just prior to the Occupy movement which took this country by storm for a short while. Remember?

I wonder: did this manifesto directly influence Occupy? So very much has happened since. Now, what I would have supported then, I no longer do, since “Black Lives Matter”, for example, is not what it claims to be. Meanwhile, after listening to the song, when I tried. as suggested, to access, this came up instead:


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