TRUMP WATCH: So which is it? Devilish Doom or Divine Delight?

Jon Rappoport wrote a new post that really speaks to me. Why? Am I paranoid? Is it just because I’ve lived so long inside an alternative holistic universe to that of “modern medicine”? Or do I really wonder if Big Med/Big Pharma is, at the very least, using DJT’s body as an experimental object to inject all sorts of medicines (the more the merrier?), either in an attempt to make him better sooner faster, or in an attempt to just “see what happens” when Regeneron is combined with Remdesivir and now, a steroid? Hmmm. . . what will happen when these three interact inside this massively courageous (and possibly foolhardy, and certainly ignorant — of holistic apprroaches to health) all-too-human’s  body/mind/soul?

Whatever the interior alchemy, it will play out on the world stage.

Trump Still in Danger: Doctors added third drug to his reckless experimental treatment

More sinister, is Big Med/Big Pharma being used by the Deep State to take DJT down? And, we will be finding out whether the diabolically clever ruse worked, over the coming days, weeks, months? (Was this the “arrow” in the Pelosi “quiver?”)

Remember just how high the stakes are during this extremely polarized and dangerous Covid 2020 year, when both the Constitution and the Supreme Court are up for grabs. And, as Rappoport puts it, if President Trump does get sick, or weak, or addled, it’ll be blamed on the CV-19.

Perfect set-up for a Deep State assassination.

Or: shall we take on psychic Magenta Pixie’s perspective. Much preferred! And who knows? Which way the world turns may ride on just how many of us can consciously and prayerfully intend an extremely positive outcome to not just this presidential drama, but this entire Covid matrix which lies over the whole world like a shroud.. If so, if Magenta Pixie is right (and Christiane Northrup hinted at the same re: the vaccine), then no matter what they try to do in 3D, 5D thinking and imagination will “trump” it. YES!


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  1. Hi Ann…
    Thought you might find this interesting. A different spin on Trump. Not sure what I feel…..VK

  2. The morning after they announced his COVID infection, I had a dream that told me, repeatedly, “President Trump is fine. This is a feint.”

    I had to look up “feint,” because I didn’t know that term:

    A military attack or maneuver that is meant to divert attention away from a planned point of attack.
    A body movement that is intended to divert another’s attention, often by being deliberately left uncompleted.

    For whatever that’s worth. Also, since Pluto went Direct yesterday morning, some AMAZING things have fallen into to place for me. Things I had long given up on regarding some family members. It’s like the Wheel of Fortune turned, and life is coming up roses in an area of devastation and loss. For confidentiality, I can’t say more, except it was HUGE and joyful — like body and soul are smiling with relief and joy.

    • Sorry, I meant since Pluto stationed Direct yesterday morning. Also, not sure if you noticed, but between around 9 p.m. -12 a.m. -ish on Saturday night into Sunday, East Coast time, Pluto was exactly quincunxing the transiting North Node. I felt this. I think that’s what triggered that Wheel of Fortune kind of feeling. The US natal Mars is only 1 degree from that point, will be exactly conjuncted very soon by the transiting North Node. Destiny level moves are in play.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Wow! I didn’t notice either Pluto turning or it’s quincunx with the North Node, conjunct Mars. BINGO! Thanks, Laura. The student has outstripped the teacher!

  3. Ellen says:

    Laura’s dream message is similar to what my own intuition had been sending my way. I do not feel paranoid or afraid about his health and safety right now. Something else is afoot.
    Magenta Pixie has the right perspective. My confidence is gaining ground after being in doomsday mode for so long. Something is happening and l think it is becoming palpable. I would never underestimate Donald Trump in spite of the onslaught that has been thrown at him and now accelerates with every moment. It is terribly dangerous for him and it is easy to believe that the deep state will ultimately win. This time, no. There is some divinity at work within this somehow. His work is not yet finished and the fulfillment has yet to be made.
    There are extremely tense months ahead. Much will be torn down and there will be terrible damage. It will be shocking to say the least. I fully expect the coming retrograde of Mercury opposition to Mercury will deliver an astonishing blow for all of us. This IS the storm, we’re in it. Batton down the hatches. We’re gonna ride this thing out and come out on the other side of this. We can assess the damage when it’s over and begin to heal and build a better day. Mercury is is in Scorpio under Mars rulers hip right now. Keep a weather eye on negative thoughts at this time. Defend against the negativity with that Mars instead. It is a battle that shall be won.

  4. Ellen says:

    Aw, green
    I meant to say the Mercury opposition to Uranus, not Mercury to Mercury.
    So sorry.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks! And I just checked: Mercury turns Rx on October 14, and goes direct on November 3, ELECTION DAY. Another divinely timed planetary punctuation note, alongside the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius on the Winter Solstice . . . Geez!

  5. Pamela L Cox says:

    Trump and repubs are just one side of duality and the dems are the other side of duality, and you guys just can’t seem to figure it out. It is typical America divide and conquer as that is what America always does. They are all in bed together dividing and conquering we, the people, and you guys have fallen for it, so you are weak, weak, weak. You have given your power away, as Unity Consciousness is the only thing that will save us.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I sense that both myself, and most commentators on this blog, are aware of what you speak, that unity consciousness is the goal. On the other hand, we are, each of us, here, right here, inhabiting bodies that are vibrating inside current 3D reality, with all our senses, interior and external, continuously buffeted by the contradictory currents of this astonishingly tumultuous period in human his-story. Who among us can actually remain “neutral” (i.e., above it all, “superior” to others who are not) for long, and still live inside a body? To me, that’s the paradox of this time: that we both need to fully inhabit our own bodies while constantly centering and balancing ourselves inside the mysterium tremendum that includes us all.

      • Yes, there are different ways of “doing” or “being” Unity Consciousness … one could throw everything out and live in a kind of New Age Borg soup … or live in a both/and reality that’s greater than the sum of its parts. With four planets in Gemini and Virgo Rising, I find it much easier to live in a both/and reality of infinite potential and variety. I’m wary whenever someone presents something as “the only thing that will save us.” 🙂

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