Dr. Christiane Northrup: The new Moderna CV-19 vaccine, if “mandated,” will enslave humanity.

And if what Dr. Northrup —a well-known OB/GYN doc and best selling author of books to help women reclaim their own body’s healing capacity — claims is true, she is not exaggerating.

According to Dr. Northrup, this vaccine, unlike any other, is to contain nanobots, which bind and alter human DNA, generating an internal surveillance system, thus destroying human freedom.

Furthermore, she claims, there is no known 3D method of flushing nanobots out of the body. 

In order to push back, she advocates forming local “pods” of people who are against this vaccine. Especially mothers, who are already concerned about their children, 54% of whom already suffer from a chronic disease, thanks, in large part, to the toxic load of vaccines from infancy on.

My grandchildren, for example: both are slightly asthmatic, and both had serious allergies when small.

Remember, she says, there are very few so-called “experts” and “authorities” who are trying to force this agenda, and there are millions upon millions of us who can rise up to say NO. Once again, it’s the 99% versus the 1% (more likely the 99.99% versus the .001%).

This video will likely be taken down soon. Meanwhile, it is a MUST WATCH. Thanks to John and Deborah, who found it.

Dr. Northrup has long straddled the divide between holistic and allopathic medicine.


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2 Responses to Dr. Christiane Northrup: The new Moderna CV-19 vaccine, if “mandated,” will enslave humanity.

  1. thymia17 says:

    Wow. And she became famous through Oprah, so is not at all a “fringe conspiracy but”. Not easily dismissed!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Actually, the Oprah connection turned me off. But yes, not easily dismissed, and she’s not the only one who thinks this way. Just saw a headline on Mike Adams site, his interview with a woman who also talks about nanotechnology in vaccine. Haven’t gone past the headline, however.

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