Potus and Flotus test positive for CV-19 virus?

The news that Potus and Flotus have both tested positive (using PCR test?) for the CV-19 virus, posted originally just after midnight this early morning, 10/2/20, has of course, stirred enormous interest of all kinds, including some with TDS hoping they will both die, but most wishing them a speedy recovery.

On twitter, a few people who know just how likely any Covid test can turn out to be a false positive, have urged them to get another test.

Somehow, for me, and for many others, the announcement felt exquisitely timed, and therefore suspect. What is really going on?

Twitter was alive with Q’s disney clock, noting that its hands point to ten and two, i.e., October 2.

Some went further, noticing the delta between one Q post #1044 and the time Potus announced Hope Hick’s infection,10:44PM.

Then there are those who point out the HCQ code in the above tweet:


Recent Q posts include Red October.

Plus, yesterday, October 1,  the White House lit up Red, and  Flotus dress yesterday, bright red.

Oh, and then there’s the 10 days they are supposed to quarantine: is this what Q meant, a long time ago, by “ten days of darkness”?

Now of course, despite all these Q “comms,” it may really be that both Potus and Flotus do have the CV virus. If so, then HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) is bound to gain even more traction as “the cure,” and who knows what other treats we are in for, as Trump uses this latest development to his advantage.

For one thing, it goes right along with Lao Tzu’s The Art of War: Look Weak When You Are Strong, and Strong When You are Weak.

Latest: both Potus and Flotus say they are suffering “mild symptoms.” Okay, they have colds, very common during seasonal changes, and not necessarily CV-19..

Oh, and, there really is scuttlebutt that HRC is about to go down. The last word in Potus tweet, “We will get through this together,” can be read as “To Get Her.”

Santa Surfing says she has intel that says so.


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