Debate Perspectives: X22 Report versus Tucker Carlson

Let’s leave the Bionic Biden enhancements aside, and just look at what actually happened. Or rather, several perspectives on what actually happened.

The “debate” (the loud, raucous, interruptive argument), watched by millions, has inspired perhaps more commentary than any other single strange event of this already paradigm-shattering election year 2020.

Here are two commentators I very much appreciate, despite — and perhaps even because of — the big difference, this time, in their perspectives. X-22 Report, though extremely popular, is decidedly alt-media; the other is supposedly mainstream media, though Tucker Carlson’s astonishing recent commentaries have shot ahead of anything Fox (which as a whole seems to be morphing in the opposite direction) can absorb and integrate. Is his audience now so enormous (and growing) that Fox can’t afford to get rid of him?

I listen to Dave on X22 Report regularly, and deeply value his consistently upbeat and forward thinking reports on how he sees “the (Q) Plan” unrolling, with an, again consistent, and optimistic interpretation of “Trump and the Patriots” intentions, words and deeds.

His analysis of what happened at the debate puts Mike Wallace front and center, as Biden’s “block,” despite what Dave claims is Trump’s deliberate strategy of constant interruptions so as to rattle Biden. Remember, BTW: Wallace was the one who personally chose the topics to be discussed; so it’s difficult not to recognize him, supposedly the neutral moderator, as firmly in the Biden camp.

Speaking of which, just saw this pic of Bill and Mike today. Hmmm . . .

Our man Tucker Carlson, on Fox News, offers a darker, more sinister perspective, indeed a warning to the Trump campaign. Also extremely valuable.




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