BIONIC BIDEN? Wired and Drugged During First Debate?

My first guess,  ala Utsava, was that whoever came out on that stage last night, would be a Biden clone; I figured likely a “fresh clone,” with more energy, and not too many glitches.

However, I confess, I was one of those who expected even any Biden clone to display the Sleepy Joe, rambling, bumbling qualities as he came toe to toe with the Trump colossus. Indeed, given the way behemoth Trump’s adrenalin was pumping with the first ring of the debate bell, like many many others, I expected Biden to fail, fall, or leave, or suddenly faint, or best of all! — have a “positive” Covid diagnosis handed to him during the middle of the debate . . .

But no!  Sleepy Creepy Biden actually stood for 90 full minutes, said “That’s point number 1; point number 2 is . . .” a number of times; seemed to be actually pulling figures out of the air on various subjects handed him kindly by moderator Chris Wallace; looked weird and blankly straight in front of him as if he was listening to someone not present lots of times; put his right hand up to his right ear, gingerly in the beginning, seeming to check under its top lid for a tiny device used to beam words into his brain and out of his slack mouth; gingerly adjusted underneath the right chest area of his coat with his left hand once, after which what seemed to be a tiny wire was for a few seconds visible; and most interesting of all, seemed to have some kind of an electronic? device poking out of his cuff, by his wrist. Plus, the entire time he was holding a pen in that left hand. Or was it a pump?

Remember: at least according to reports I read leading up to the debate, Biden had refused Trump’s demand that both take a drug test prior to the debate, and then closer to the date, that Biden be searched for an ear piece.

James Woods and others noticed this thin wire, visible for a few seconds after he had fiddled under his coat.

Corey Lynn was struck by the electronic? device under his cuff:

Which prompted several others on her thread about this to dig . . .

 Here’s how one guy summed up his findings:

Oops! Creepiest of all . . . I didn’t notice the unusual dark eyes, but someone else did. Geez!

Now, for how someone acts when being fed information through a hidden device, I checked out Ghost Body Language on youtube. Did Bombard watch the debate and comment? No. But she did comment on another recent event: September 22, 2020.


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4 Responses to BIONIC BIDEN? Wired and Drugged During First Debate?

  1. The Future is Inclusive says:

    And your guy was so presidential. He makes GW Bush look like a statesman. Well, he’ll soon eat his own words: you’re fired!

    Ann, you’re a PhD, so I have to assume that you are aware of the long history in the West of Satanic ritual abuse, most recently the 80s debacle. Nothing new about QAnon, just another occurrence triggered by fears that a romanticized culture (in this case of noble patriarchal white supremacy) is being lost. It’s such a shame that your own high intelligence is being squandered along with it.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      He’s not “my guy,” but he’s been after the pedos and the SRA folks in a big way, which is what got me turning in his direction in the first place. Especially after fully absorbing Kathy O’Brien’s book, Trance Formation of America, where she speaks of being a mind-controlled MK Ultea sex slave assigned to the Clinton White House, including Bill, but especially, my then heroine, Hillary. It took me years to fully get over the shock of her memoir, and the sordid corruption it revealed about politicians, especially, on both sides of the aisle. Didn’t believe the book of course, not at first. I had been so strongly a brainwashed HIllary fan, like many early “feminists.”

      I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, but I sure didn’t want Hillary to win — so threw my vote away on Jill Stein. This time, yes, I will vote for Trump. For lots of reasons, not just the relentless, global pedo/SRA/trafficking takedown, but also out of admiration for his sacrifice of his own life and indefatigable courage and tenacity in the face of 24/7 vitriolic hatred, of deep state entrenched bureaucrats and politicos — and especially for HIS DETERMINATION TO LET GO OF CONTINUOUS WAR; i.e., not just talk about peace, but actively reconfigure national and international relations to bypass war, including the endless war on our own bodies, and on our own collective soul and psyche — vis him recently calling out “Big Pharma” by name, as well as the “Military Industrial Complex” by name, as both fueled by the need for more and bigger profits, all the while ramping up his critique of the powers that would impose more and more draconian rules as it locks us all gradually into its long-planned globalist NWO. No wonder his focus on “nationalism,” on making AMERICA great again, on other national leaders making THEIR own nations great again! He’s throwing a gigantic wrench into the final lockdown and solidification of centralized power, despite the Covid-19 medico/media psy-op instilling FEAR FEAR FEAR to render the still sleeping population easier to control.

      And I don’t need Qanon to grok any of the above.

  2. robert bridges says:

    FEAR FEAR FEAR! Have you ever heard of LOVE LOVE LOVE? Do you not know that Fear is the opposite of love – not hate? Voting for Trump because he is so against ritual sex abuse??????? Making America Great Again by making Americans fear each other? Fear people of color? Fear people who are not heteronormative? Fear of people who call themselves Democrats? Making America great again at the cost of making everyone life in fear? What kind of philosophy can support this kind of crazy thinking and permaculture too? Curious and critical minds wish to know

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Totally agree with you. There are only two real emotions, fear and love. Fear contracts; love expands. Which do we choose?

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